Campaign Annual 2007: Top 10 Directors

1. Daniel Kleinman

Still one of the busiest and best directors in the world, Kleinman steadfastly refuses to be pigeonholed. This year, he scored hits including Smirnoff "sea", Heineken "lobster" and Ford S-Max "wings", and directed the sublime return of Al and Monkey for PG Tips. The production company he founded with Ringan Ledwidge, Rattling Stick, continues to grow in stature.

2. Frank Budgen

With one of the best ads of the year on your reel, a place in the top ten is assured. Fallon's third instalment in its "colour like no other" campaign doesn't disappoint, and although "Play-doh" was the brainchild of the creative director Juan Cabral, Budgen had a huge influence over the success of the finished film.

3. Chris Palmer

With the sublime "baking of Fabia" for Skoda and the thoroughly effective "carbon footprint" for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs as highlights on his reel, it was always going to be a good year for Palmer. Add the BTAA Chairman's Award in March, and it's been a great one.

4. Nicolai Fuglsig

Fuglsig is in danger of being typecast as advertising's under-arm specialist - the Danish director was behind campaigns for both Lynx and Sure this year. His magnum opus, though, was the epic "evolution of the moving image" spot for the Motorola Motorizr, which crammed more than 100 years of film-making into 90 seconds.

5. Fredrik Bond

This was the year Bond returned to London, quitting MJZ in favour of his own production company, Sonny. So far, his work in the capital has been less than prolific, but what he's done has been top class. Great work for Edge, through Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, and a top ten commercial for Brylcreem, directed through WCRS, secure him a place in the top ten.

6. Dougal Wilson

The former Leith London creative goes from strength to strength, with a 2007 reel that includes the charming stop-motion animation "tide" spot for Big Yellow and "unlimited" for Orange.

7. Noam Murro

Less busy this side of the Atlantic than in 2006, but a good year for the larger-than-life Los Angeleno nonetheless. Murro was behind the camera on the stunning "night drive" for Volkswagen Golf. Watch out for his first feature, Smart People, at some point next year.

8. Ringan Ledwidge

After an absence from last year's list, Rattling Stick's Ledwidge has had a busy year in 2007 and nudges into our top ten. An on-form Levi's ad (only seen on the web in the UK) was followed by "life as you like it" for Orange through Fallon.

9. Vince Squibb

The former Lowe London creative has been quietly forging a career as a director, having made the full-time switch in 2006. He's had a great first year as a full-timer, shooting the charming "ladybugs' picnic" for Heinz Salad Cream, "out of focus" for Boots and "the 12 days of Christmas" for MTV.

10. Traktor

OK, maybe they're not as hot as they once were, but Traktor are still a mean team that delivers. This year they did the "battle of the sexes" epic for The Mail on Sunday through Bartle Bogle Hegarty, Boots' romping Christmas extravaganza and Miller's "rollerboy", both through Mother. Let's not mention Littlewoods, though.