Campaign Annual 2007: Top 10 Lookalikes

1. James Murphy and the Bo Selecta Bear

Not only is it astounding that Murphy is being likened to a man's face in a small bear suit (whose "tail" pops out all the time), but it is the second time in three years he has been on this list. In 2005, he was number one owing to his likeness to Jay Joplin.

2. Robert Senior and an orangutan

We at Campaign know that it can't be nice to be likened to an orangutan (even if it is a cute baby one). However, we are not going to feel bad about this one since we were actually made aware of the resemblance by Senior's own staff at Fallon. The cheeky monkeys ...

3. Helen Kimber and Paris Hilton

This is probably one of the more flattering lookalikes this year, because after all, despite being a publicity-hungry wild child, Hilton is still quite attractive.

4. Russ Lidstone and Paul Curtis

Despite working in related industries, no-one can recall ever seeing these two in a room at the same time, prompting many to believe they are one and the same person, leading a double life to earn two pay packets and offering clients integrated creative and media thinking.

5. Mark Cridge and Macaulay Culkin

The uncanny resemblance here must surely guarantee Cridge peace of mind at night knowing his house is not going to get broken into - you'd have to be mental to even try to set foot in there. No doubt as a child, Cridge was jealous of his doppelganger's money, but sadly for the former child star, it's probably the other way around now.

6. Matt Gorzkowski and Daniel Craig

Who doesn't want to look like James Bond? But the Play managing director takes all of this on his (well sculptured) chin. After all, he grew up in Orange County and was crowned Prom King at his school at just 17.

7. Cilla Snowball and Martha Stewart

How could two people who look so alike be so different? One is a convicted felon posing as "America's housewife" and the other is one of the most genuine people in advertising.

8. Ben Kaye and Piers Morgan

Let's pray for the sanity of the planners at Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R that Kaye doesn't run his department in quite the same way as his "twin" used to run his editorial team.

9. Ian Pearman and Chris Penn

Penn was most famous for his shell-suited character Nice Guy Eddie in Reservoir Dogs, which prompted a frenzied search in Campaign Towers for a picture of Pearman clothed in similar apparel. However, it appears there are none in existence anywhere - a good job of destroying the evidence?

10. Heinz Ketchup and Tat Ketchup

We've gone off piste for the final lookalike, which you'll agree is probably the best. How on Earth this came to pass we'll never know?