Campaign Annual 2007: Top 10 Media Buyers

1. Steve Platt, trading director, Aegis Media

Experience is the theme this year, with media owners saying there's no substitute for an old head when it comes to a bit of sparring during the trading season. "Platty" also emerges with credit for attempting to evolve the way media is traded.

2. Chris Locke, group trading director, Starcom

Almost as "experienced" as Platty, "Lockey" combines old-school ferocity and bad language with a sharp mind. Invaluable to Starcom, he negotiates across all media and has developed a passion for digital media.

3. Nick Theakstone, chief operating officer, Group M

"Theako" is one of the buying world's most powerful forces. Flexing WPP muscle in the TV world and across other media, he has years of experience under his belt and has relationships with media owners that are deeply ingrained.

4. Chris Hayward, head of investment, ZenithOptimedia

Located somewhere in the more intellectual wing of the buying community (if such a thing exists), Hayward combines his intelligence and talent with a thick Scouse accent and liberal use of swear words.

5. Paul Thomas, investment director, MindShare

"Thommo" is a key player in the press buying world, and likes media owners to appreciate his considerable presence. He's aware of his own importance, but is one of the toughest, and most knowledgable, to emerge from the press department.

6. Marc Bignell, joint managing director, OPera

Bignell may not have the profile of some of the others in the list, but he's certainly got the clout. Responsible for Omnicom's UK media spend, he can be belligerent, but prefers to do things more subtly than many.

7. Jonathan Barrowman, head of radio, Initiative

The best radio buyer in the market, he knows each of the media owners inside out and has firm views on the way the market is evolving.

8. Mark Gallagher, executive director, Manning Gottlieb OMD

Gallagher has long been a fine press buyer, but also added Manning Gottlieb's online buying to his responsibilities this year. Intelligent, enthusiastic and hard working, he seems to be the right man for the role.

9. Claudine Collins, managing partner, MediaCom

The bubbly Collins' knowledge of the magazine world is unrivalled and her relationships with newspaper sales directors are strong.

10. Dominic Williams, press director, Carat

Williams is an enthusiast for the press medium, but is fiercely protective of his clients' respective revenues. He's won thanks from media owners for backing their more cutting-edge initiatives.