Campaign Annual 2007: Top 10 Radio Ads


This ad shows how powerful radio can be when strategy and creative fire on full cylinders. The polarising taste of Marmite comes alive in a tale of Paddington Bear picnicking with the Browns.

Agency: DDB London

Creatives: Rob Messeter, Mike Crowe

Agency producer: Sarah Browell

Sound engineers: Simon Capes, Mark Hellaby (Clearcut Sound Studios)


SFX: Paddington Bear music. Park atmos and duck quacking sounds. Narrator: It was a lovely spring afternoon and Paddington Bear was having a picnic in the park with the Browns. He'd made them all their favourite sandwiches. Sausage and Marmite for Mr Brown, ham and Marmite for Mrs Brown and cheese and Marmite for Jonathon and Judy.

SFX: Duck quacking a little louder.

Narrator: Those ducks look hungry too, thought Paddington, and threw them some of his Marmite sandwich.

SFX: Ducks in distress and gurgling sounds of ducks quacking under water.

Narrator: Oh dear, thought Paddington.

Narrator: Squeezy Marmite in sandwiches. You either love it or hate it.


It's easy to pass this off as rousing patriotism now, but, back in October, this ad captured the nation's mood going into the Rugby World Cup final

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

Creatives: Guy Featherstone, Chris Groom, Stuart Harkness, Shay Reading

Agency producer: Anna Smith

Sound engineers: Chris Maclean, Owen Griffiths (Jungle) Script

SFX: Music - Jerusalem.

To be read as a statement of intent by one voice.

VO1: With the odds defied once again And the French beaten In their own backyard Let this be a reminder to Those who have written us off You will feel our wrath in every Bone-crunching Tackle You will see our belief with Every deft pass Harrying run Every drop kick Conversion And stubborn Grinding scrum A constant thorn in your side For if the Springboks want what is ours Be warned Not without a fight.

VO2: Good luck to the lads from Nike.


For those busting a gut to find radio writing's secret formula, there's a lesson to be learned in this ad. Keep it simple.

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Creatives: Ben Akers, Nadine Akle

Agency producer: Alex Burrett

Sound engineers: Chris Turner, Toby Griffin (Zoo)


Young girl: What sound would an artificial flavour make?

SFX: A synthesizer plays plonkily.

Young girl: What about a natural flavour?

SFX: A grand piano plays beautifully.

FVO: Robinsons Fruit Shoot has no artificial colours or flavours ...

SFX under endline: A full orchestra plays majestically.

FVO: Raise them on Robinsons.


This could have been patronising. Instead, it has a powerful call to action without drawing overt attention to itself.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Creatives: Dave Henderson, Richard Denney

Producer: Richard Donoghue

Sound engineers: Iain Grant, Sam Robson, Tim Sutton (Triangle)


We listen to a teenage girl recounting her emotional abuse. The voice is electronically disguised.

"It started when he left her. She blamed me. She would say things, that I was an ugly pig, a stupid ugly pig. In the end she made me feel like I was nothing."

At this point the electronic disguise is slowly removed from the voice, revealing it to be a 13-year-old girl.

"I didn't know who to talk to. It went on for ages until I told someone. It felt better just being able to talk about it. If it's happened to you, when you're ready, visit the NSPCC website, donthideit.com, or call Childline confidentially on 0800 11 11. Remember, if you're being emotionally abused, you don't have to hide it anymore."


Some sparky dialogue and timely hesitancy, coupled with an intelligent sprinkling of sound effects, is key to the engaging nature of this ad.

Agency: Mother

Creative: Mother

Agency producer: Mother

Sound engineer: Gary Turnbull (Grand Central)


Interior car sounds, idling engine, radio playing softly. Fastfood Girl (heard through drive-thru speaker): Welcome to the drive-thru. Can I take your order?

Guy: Yeah, I'll have one cheeseburger, please, and a chocolate shake.

Fastfood Girl: Would you like fries with that?[QQ]: No thanks.

Fastfood Girl: E?

Guy: What?

Fastfood Girl: Would you like E with that? Ecstacy?

Guy (slightly baffled): Ecstacy? No thanks.

Fastfood Girl: C'mon, what's the matter? Make it a little Love Burger. Trust me, it's fine. I'll put you down for one. You'll love it.

Guy: No, I ...

Fastfood Girl: You've gotta have an E burger. You're missing out. And I tell you what, I'll throw in a little speed shake to help it go down. So, you're down for a cheeseburger and shake, with E and speed - wicked! Proceed to the next window please.

Guy: No, I ...

MVO: If you feel under pressure to do drugs, talk to Frank on 0800 776600, or visit talktofrank.com.


The psychological strain of everyday tasks is brought to life through this monologue.

Agency: Grey London

Creatives: Geoff Smith, Simon Butler

Producer: Suki Drane

Sound engineers: Gary Walker, Andy Humphreys (750mph)


SFX: Post coming through the letter-box.

MVO: Ah, there's the postman. I'll just go and see what he's brought ... I'll start by putting my right foot forward, putting it back on the floor a few inches in front of me, then I'll tilt my body over to the right slightly so I can bring my left foot forward and put that one down in front of me. Then I'll have to bring it forward again, shift my weight again and bring my left foot forward. Once I'm at the door, I'll bend my knees and reach out with my right arm towards the letters on the doormat.

MVO2: What if you had to think about everything you did?

What if you had Parkinson's Disease?

MVO: Then I'll curl my fingers round the letters, pull my arm back as I straighten my legs and stand up again. Then I can tilt my head forward and look at the post. Hope it's not just junk mail again ...

MVO2: For more information or to make a donation, call the Parkinson's Disease Society or find us online at www.parkinsons.org.uk.


The madness of the Nando's ads showed no signs of abating in 2007. This time it was the unhinged chicken drugged on Peri-Peri that retold its worldly experiences in the so-called Chicken Monologues.

Agency: Hooper Galton

Creatives: Rob Turner, Dave Westland

Agency producer: Anni Cullen

Sound engineer: Hass Hassan (Jungle)


SFX: Intro of musical sting - the Chicken Monologues.

MVO: And now the Chicken Monologues.

MVO: The ballet. Swan Lake.

Lead man cries off with a swollen tutu so I get the nod.

I'm a chicken in tights. Nutcracker.

Audience howled when I did my Crazy Legs routine.

What's more, the Queen was up in the gods. Made me a Dame. Encore.

Well, that's how I remember it but ... I had been on the Peri-Peri ... so who knows?

SFX: Nando's jingle.

FVO: Have you had your Nan-dose of Peri-Peri?


It's a symptom of the state of radio advertising when you hear an ad that is deliberately laden with financial jargon, but sounds almost indistinguishable from financial spots on commercial radio.

Agency: VCCP

Creatives: Ben Daly, Nathan White

Producer: Brian Jenkins

Sound engineer: Tom Livsey (The Bridge)


The voiceover in this ad will be delivered with the timing and intonation of regular speech.

Male VO: Hello. Pensions bungalow mortgage turnip suggesting percolators APR. Discovering ISA trombone factories with moving tributes. Stilt walker repossession, viscous PPI and peanut butter. After pavements, turquoise investments, orangutan shrubbery charges and fees under ketchup. Pompous cheese rolls doubtless querying insurance and savings platonic Roderick. Any questions?

2nd male VO: Does financial jargon sound like gibberish to you?

2nd male VO: The UK's financial watchdog, the Financial Services Authority, can help.

2nd male VO: For impartial information about money matters in plain English, visit the FSA at moneymadeclear.fsa.gov.uk.

2nd male VO: The Financial Services Authority. No selling. No jargon. Just the facts.


Aimed at parents, this ad communicates that you're a role model to your kids. They will copy you. So stop acting like a tool.

Agency: Leo Burnett

Creatives: Tony Malcolm, Guy Moore, Richard Brim, Daniel Fisher

Agency producer: Adam Furnman

Sound engineer: Owen Griffiths (Jungle)


This ad would consist of an adult reading from a script and being copied by a child.

MVO/CVO: If you don't wear your seatbelt ...

If you don't wear a helmet whilst cycling ...

If you use your mobile phone whilst crossing the road ...

If you cross at a pedestrian crossing when the red man shows ...

Your kids will copy you.

MVO: Be aware of your actions on the road. THINK!



It's a sign of the times when an ad can parody itself. The Red Brick Road has touched on an untold truth about the general state of ads on commercial radio.

Agency: The Red Brick Road

Creatives: Karrie Fransman, Oliver Meech

Agency producer: Sophie Horner

Sound engineer: Toby Griffin (Zoo)


This ad will parody stereotypical annoying radio ads.

VO: Radio ads. Can be annoying.

(adman sing-song voice) All that (shouted) SHOUTING!

And "crazy" noises!!!

SFX: A cacophony of random sound effects.

VO: Especially when you're stuck in the car looking for parking!!!

SFX: Car vroom-vrooms.

VO: (straight) Thankfully, at new Tesco Newtownbreda there's ... (getting carried away, sung to music like a jingle) 520 ... (straight again) sorry, 520 parking spaces.

For more time shopping.

And less time listening to ads.

Tesco. Every little helps.