Campaign Annual 2007: Top 10 Regional press ads


This campaign won gold in the regional newspaper campaign category at the Fresh Creative Awards back in October. WBT is one of the few remaining municipal bus companies in Britain, apparently - and it's doing rather well. The company's fleet of smart new Dennis Dart/Marshall single deckers can take you as far as Northwich, Altrincham or, on a good day, Vulcan Village.

Agency: And Partners

Writers: Sam Rutter, Andrew Alty

Art director: Sam Haslam


Best one-off regional newspaper ad in 2007, as recognised at the Fresh Awards, was for Scotsdale Sports to alert Mancunians to the fact that the shop now has some Adidas golf gear in stock. Us soft Southern jessies on Campaign are sometimes accused by chippy Northerners of perpetuating regional stereotypes - so it is with some amusement that we applaud this campaign by a Manchester agency that makes a witty play on the assumption that it always rains in gloomy, sodden Manchester.

Agency: McCann Erickson

Writers: Neil Lancaster, Gerard Edmondson

Art directors: Dave Price, Richard Irving

3. ASH

When we first saw "girl", we thought it was a rather brave attempt to encapsulate a good night out in Bradford. Not so, apparently. This execution is for Yorkshire's outpost of the anti-smoking public health charity ASH.

Agency: Union

Writer: Martin Hartley

Art director: David Aylesbury


"Jockeys" also did rather well at the Fresh Awards. It attempts to convince us that Newcastle Racecourse isn't necessarily a place where you're guaranteed to loose your shirt. Or indeed your tie and tails.

Agency: Mobious

Writer/art director: Gareth Wood


We wonder how well this one went down in the cathedral metropolis of Durham? If there are God Botherers likely to take umbrage at this sort of thing, we suspect that they're likely to be found north of the Humber. The agency pushing the boundaries of taste and risking the wrath of the omnipresent one is the Newcastle outfit Drummond Central. Nice use of Mannerist High Renaissance source material too. You don't see a lot of that these days.

Agency: Drummond Central

Writer: Michael Walker

Art director: Stephen Drummond


We hope that Agency Called England manages to stay sober at awards ceremonies, even when this one, part of the Drinkheads campaign for Wakefield Community Safety Partnerships, picks up the odd gong.

Agency: Agency Called England

Writer: Jerry Gross

Art director: Paul Alexander


The brief for Digital UK is pretty much a tailor-made opportunity for the regional press to show off its strengths as an advertising medium, given the staggered nature of the digital television switchover.

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

Writer: Simon Welch

Art director: Matt Welch


Good evening Bristol, we love you. Regional press advertising at its best makes full use of local landmarks to whip up a bit of local pride - and when you're pushing cider to the West Country, you just have to be on to a winner. Having consulted the Campaign Book of Regional Stereotypes, we know that they all drink gallons of the stuff down there (but always in a highly grown-up and responsible manner, naturally).

Agency: Robson Dowry

Writer: Andy Sanders

Art directors: Dan Grzonka, Pete Hawkins


We're always a sucker for the old punchline-in-brackets wheeze, especially when it evokes the Wild West (of England). And we can't help feeling there's a pattern emerging here. We've handed all the top spots to gloomy Northerners and relegated those fun-loving West Country boys to also-rans. Doesn't seem fair, does it?

Agency: My Agency

Writer: Andrew Demianyk

Art director: Aaron Lobb


We thought we'd be able to showcase more of this sort of thing - a national advertiser using regional and local press to fine-tune its message and do a bit of flag-waving for local events. This tasty little Birds Eye offering was defrosted by AMV.

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

Writer: Markham Smith

Art director: Richard Dennison