Campaign Annual 2007: Top 10 Restaurants

1. The River Cafe

If you can be bothered to make your way that far west (unless, of course, you work at WWAV Rapp Collins, whose office is practically next door), you know you're in for a real treat. The food (from a consistently changing menu) is about the best you'll get in London and all the nicer when enjoyed al fresco in the summer. Plus you might clock any number of famous regulars such as Des Lynam, Tim Henman, Johnny Hornby or a Campaign journalist.

2. Le Caprice

If you're looking for somewhere to see people, or to be seen if you're famous enough, then Le Caprice is the place be. Classically the haunt of media owners, there must have been thousands of deals made over the extensive red wine list over the years. However, it caused a bit of a stir this year when the owners decided to close for a month to refurb the toilets. Caprice's loss was Scott's gain.

3. The Ivy

Once the undisputed champion of the media lunch, has The Ivy had its day as the top adland venue? Regular readers of Campaign's Diary page will know that the good journos at Haymarket Towers have attributed this to the disappearance of Bang Bang Chicken from the menu. However, with the retreat of the old guard, it may well be the next cool place for young adland lions trying to impress.

4. The Wolseley

A firm favourite among the cognoscenti. Brilliant service, combined with a dependable and well put-together menu, can never fail to impress. Add to this the celebrity spotting that may interest some and it's almost the perfect package. It also has two very decent ports.

5. St Alban

The new Ivy? St Alban quickly became the place to be seen after its opening and has picked up a steady, if not younger, crowd. The food is especially good and defies convention by including meals such as fried chicken and pizza - only prepared really well. Once described as posh fast food.

6. Wild Honey

Launched by the owners of Soho's Arbutus, this restaurant is definitely the hot ticket at the moment. If you can get a table here, you've made it. The mixture of location, decor, food and price (expensive) is proving too powerful a draw for the movers and shakers.

7. Scott's

No other restaurant in London can take your breath away just from the exquisite smell as you walk in. A stalwart of the lunching scene, it's expensive, but for good reason. It's always full of the rich and famous and an impressive place to take contacts. The fresh fish on ice inside the square bar is especially pleasing.

8. L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon

This restaurant is for serious meat lovers. Not only are there about a million different types of foie gras, but when you ask for steak, they bring out the fillet and ask you how much you want. And if you sit downstairs, you can see your meal being prepared - expensive, but worth it.

9. Zuma

If you can get over the fact that it's generally filled with JWT staffers, then this is the best oriental restaurant in London. Whether eating at a table or sitting by the bar watching the food being prepared, the entire experience is top class. Also, it is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to cocktails.

10. Boxwood Cafe

Gordon Ramsay's restaurant combines inventive combinations of hearty food, done with style and class. If you haven't already, try the croque-monsieur with caviar or, for the strong of heart, the foie gras burger.