Campaign Annual 2007: Top 10 Sales Directors

1. Simon Davies, advertisement director, The Mail on Sunday

Davies maintains his top spot due to an unrivalled reputation among media agency contacts. His almost constant presence at Le Caprice or Scott's no doubt helps, but his talents go beyond his playboy bluster. He's built a good team and is a persuasive salesman for some strong products.

2. Nick Bampton, managing director, Viacom Brand Solutions

"Bammo" may not run the biggest TV sales team in town, but it's renowned as one of the more creative around. VBS takes a high percentage of its revenue from creative solutions, and Bampton accordingly tends to think more creatively and laterally than the average TV sales director.

3. Spencer Berwin, managing director, sales, JCDecaux

Berwin's understated approach and team ethic have helped create the best sales team in the UK outdoor business, reflected in this year's win at the Campaign Media Awards. His experience will be needed as Decaux launches a range of new formats.

4. Gary Digby, customer relations director, ITV

While it's hard to applaud ITV for innovation in the sales field, Digby's mastery of its position in the market and the respect he commands from the majority of agencies have helped it to make the best of a difficult situation for the past couple of years. He's helped ITV combat the effects of CRR and sold its digital channels well as ITV1 struggles to maintain its share.

5. John Teal, advertisement director, Daily Mail

He may be less in the public eye than his Associated colleague Davies, but Teal leads one of the most successful sales operations around. He is good company and generally liked and respected by his customers.

6. Chris Ward, commercial director, MSN

Ward has built one of the more respected online sales teams in the UK and has introduced innovative ways for Microsoft to monetise its online content.

7. Simon Daglish, national sales director, GCap Media

"Dags" could be forgiven for showing frustration at the ups and downs of GCap's fortunes, but he tends to get on with it and emphasises the positive. His work championing brands such as Planet Rock, Choice FM and Xfm has been impressive.

8. Chris Pelekanou, sales director, Guardian News & Media

After years in Stuart Taylor's shadow, Pelekanou's profile grew in 2007 with his elevation to the sales director role. His skill at overseeing The Guardian's creation of an integrated sales team was noted by agencies.

9. Nick Hewat, sales director, Virgin Radio

Hewat is renowned for offering advertisers some of the most creative solutions in radio, and is relishing the prospect of selling across Virgin's digital platforms.

10. Peter Charlton, sales director, CBS Outdoor

Charlton's move from the radio world has been a positive one for CBS. He has some exciting formats to sell, but there's no doubting his energy and likeable persona has helped CBS maximise revenues.