Campaign Asia brings subscription model in line with UK and US sites

Starting this week, visitors will need membership for regular access.

Campaign Asia-Pacific: changing way content is accessed
Campaign Asia-Pacific: changing way content is accessed

Campaign Asia-Pacific reports on the industry with a constructively critical eye, sets industry benchmarks and challenges agencies, brands and the media supply chain to do better. It celebrates great work and the people who make it. But it needs the industry's support.

Members have been paying annual fees that have allowed Campaign Asia-Pacific to continue writing more long-form journalism and original research specific to the region.

But in order for more people to see our best work, we need more regular readers to step up as members.

So starting this week, there will be some changes to the way you access Campaign Asia-Pacific content.

What's changing and what's not

Members will continue to enjoy full unlimited access to all of Campaign Asia-Pacific's content, along with exclusive access to Agency Report Cards (this year's report cards are coming next week) and other select reports, with exclusive Campaign event access and discounts. 

For regular readers who are not yet paying members, we will be opening up access to our long-form journalism features (previously labelled "premium" behind a paywall) to give everyone a taste of just how great our content is. Non-members, however, will be limited to only three articles (of any kind) each month. 

These changes will bring access to Campaign Asia-Pacific in line Campaign UK and Campaign US, opening the door for further global content collaboration and offerings. 

For readers of Campaign India, Campaign Japan and Campaign China, there will be a simple registration process to continue enjoying free unlimited access to all content on these sites. This free registration will allow us to know our individual market audiences better to deliver more relevant articles, videos and events. 

For more information on Campaign Asia-Pacific memberships, click here.

A version of this story first appeared on Campaign Asia-Pacific