CAMPAIGN FOR BEGINNERS: Agencies boost grad places

The number of places available to university graduates via formal schemes has risen back to pre-recession levels, according to the advertising recruitment company Kendall Tarrant.

The graduate advisor Kate Bonney claimed that although the number of places on offer dipped last year, this year agencies have largely regained their faith in graduate schemes.

She added that the number of places available is once more above the 500 figure that the IPA normally expects.

Bonney also believes that a graduate's prospect of gaining employment in advertising have been improved by a new-found flexibility in agencies' attitudes to recruitment.

"When it comes to recruitment at a junior level, we are seeing more fluidity in the marketplace," she said. "If I were a graduate reading this, I'd want to know that there were other ways in than just the graduate round, and I believe there are."

She added: "Agencies aren't just waiting until September to take people on, via graduate schemes. Some are using summer schools to add one or two juniors to their lists. Others are taking people on in spring."

At present, formal graduate schemes are most budding advertisers' preferred route into the advertising industry. But with only 500 places available each year, the freshly qualified are looking to other schemes such as eight-week summer school courses.

Although these supply graduate schemes for larger agencies, Bonney believes that those who fail to make the cut still benefit from the skills they learned and are in a good position to apply to smaller marketing outfits.

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