CAMPAIGN FOR BEGINNERS: Competition winners go to Cannes Festival

Two Leeds University graduates, Joanne Griffiths and Kate Clough, attended the Cannes International Advertising Festival last week, having won the D&AD Cannes Young Creative Competition 2003.

The 23-year-old duo won the right - after beating 48 creative pairs - to represent the UK against more than 40 teams from around the world in a competition to develop and present a brief in 24 hours.

The win has already brought the team to the attention of employers. They have been offered positions at Ogilvy & Mather on the Dove account.

"Getting a job in London is the same as trying to park a car in the city - eventually a space comes up but you spend a long time looking," Clough, the copywriter of the pair, said. "Off the back of the win we have been able to get in and see creative directors. We have moved up the food chain from placements to jobs."

This year's UK competition, sponsored by the cinema advertising company Pearl & Dean, had a brief set by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO to design a cinema and poster ad for the RSPCA to raise awareness of the treatment of broiler chickens. Each team also had to submit five campaigns from their portfolio. Eight teams were shortlisted.

"The finalists were of excellent quality," Justin Tindall, an art director from BMP DDB, said. "Part of the interview process is to gauge whether the teams can cope with the competitive environment and size of Cannes."

The winning 40-second cinema spot will run as the last ad before a feature film. The lights go down, the film appears to start and then the house lights come on full. The audience can't see what is on the screen. A voiceover states: "Sometimes you want the lights off. Chickens bred for meat in this country don't have a choice. They're exposed to 23 hours of light a day, to make them eat more."

Finally the lights go down and the screen shows thousands of chickens in vast pens under bright lights. The voiceover finishes with: "Only by writing to your local MP, can you stop this barbaric practice. Help us to turn the lights off."