CAMPAIGN FOR BEGINNERS: D&AD set to relaunch revamped new talent showcase Bloodbank

The D&AD Bloodbank website, set up to showcase the work of young talent, is to be relaunched in December with a new name and identity, and an improved offering.

Originally launched in 2000, it offered a space to showcase creative talent online. The site took on the theme of a bloodbank, as it showed new blood coming into the industry.

The new name, yet to be decided, will translate more easily into different languages and the site will focus more on the work rather than its own image. The relaunch will be supported by several events across the UK and the USA and possibly in Asia and Europe.

The new-media agency @www and Lambie-Nairn are working on the concept and identity of the site. It will include improved formats, allowing users to view and download bigger files to listen to short films and music videos.

Chris Thompson, the college and graduate programme manager at D&AD, said: "We will use these events to identify and celebrate new talent across the world and hopefully create new creative partnerships. The site is not about the D&AD or our awards, but the high-quality work that we are showcasing and other awards, worldwide."

The site can be accessed at