CAMPAIGN FOR BEGINNERS: PRIVATE VIEW - Gerry Moira, chairman at Publicis

In my day if you could stand on a barstool with a pint of beer on your head (full, mind you) and sing Hi Ho Silver Lining (incl. guitar solo), you were in. Nowadays getting into our business is, I'm told, rather more complicated. Which is why the D&AD Student Awards provide such an important showcase. Two thousand entries, 29 briefs, ten of the best to share with you and less than five hundred words left to do them justice.

The most obvious "hospital" brief was set by Glenfiddich. Come up, they said, with a Scotch sub-brand that will appeal to trend-conscious young people. This is the distillers' version of a cure for cancer, and despite the elegance of the design solution shown here, I don't see it ever leaving the drawing board. An equally tough brief was set by EHS Brann with Peugeot as the subject of the brief. The 206 GTI obviously goes like shit off a shovel but, as we automotive veterans know, the Advertising Standards Authority is determined that shit and shovel are not parted. The solution here is to allude to breath-taking performance through a ventilator key fob. It might suggest asthmatic performance to some.

The Guardian's challenge was to advertise its discounted price to students and the cut masthead is a succinct and simple answer to the brief.

Yet, with broadsheet reading in decline, I would have liked to see more selling of the newspaper itself. Virgin Atlantic is looking to promote its Caribbean service. The graphic parody of in-flight safety procedures made me smile even though the "rasta" execution smacks of early period Lenny Henry in its stereotypical sense of humour.

I liked the submersible Royal Navy recruitment postcard for its play value. I can't imagine anyone bothering to get it wet but it's a neat idea. Tiscali wants to entice fiftysomethings to its holiday website and some of these sophisticated executions might help glide my mouse in the right direction.

There were some strong entries in the photography section sponsored by Olympus. Here the brief was to communicate the growing plurality of National Identity in a series of four to six images. I was impressed by the overall technical standard and challenged by the work.

When I was a lad, the ludicrously titled Ambient Media came under the heading of "stunts". Here Pret A Manger has inspired a couple of good ones. The naked sandwich board man would certainly get some attention and go a long way to explaining those gristly bits you get in an all-day breakfast.

Royal Mail sponsored the direct mail category, working with the newly styled FPA, which wanted a direct mailpack to provide help and advice on avoiding sexually transmitted infections. And with syphilis up 119 per cent year on year, I say it's not a moment too soon. Some of you might find the winning post-it note idea a tad laddish but I can see it getting the issues aired in a non-judgmental way and that's half the battle.

Lastly, my favourite. The National Magazine Company set an image makeover for good old Good Housekeeping performed with great skill and daring on that most awkward bastard-child of a poster, the bus T-side. OK, it's a little complex for a moving vehicle but all three executions are witty and provocative while still credible for this venerable magazine.


Category: Advertising Campaign Open Brief

Students: Tushar Date, Kevin Koller

College: Miami Ad School

Tutor: Renetta Welty


Category: Brand Identity & Development

Student: Kim Clark

College: Dunstable College

Tutors: Malcolm Jobling, Nick Jeevs


Category: Ambient Media

Student: Esther Alcaide

College: Barnet College

Tutors: Kate Basjford, Guy Preston


Category: Press Advertising

Student: Sam Lachlan

College: Bath Spa University College

Tutors: Daviod Beaugeard, Paul Minott


Category: Advertising Postcard Media

Student: Kerry Briton

College: Doncaster College

Tutors: David Buller, Simon Gomes, Keith Hume


Category: Direct Mail

Students: Rebecca Hembrow, Rebecca Raffety

College: Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College

Tutors: Zelda Malan, David Morris, Lyndon Mallet


Category: Advertising Transport Media

Students: Alex Braxton, Mark Ward

College: Central St Martins

Tutors: Maggie Gallagher, Clive Challis, Zelda Malan


Category: Photography

Students: Paul Michael, Bernise Ebanks

College: Southwark College

Tutors: Derek Yates, Elliot Thoburn, Charlotte Oelerich


Category: Writing

Students: Gerry Batson, Allen Bond

College: Barnet College

Tutors: Kate Bashford, Guy Preston


Category: Streaming

Student: Leon Bonaventura

College: Surrey Institute of Art & Design University College Epsom

Tutors: Robert De Niet, Calum Mackenzie,

Andrea Taylor