Even as a child actor, Tom Vaughan knew he’d rather be directing.

Even as a child actor, Tom Vaughan knew he’d rather be


He starred in an STV children’s series in the 80s and spent his first

earnings on a video camera. After that, he says: ’Every weekend was

another film.’

Vaughan and his friends filmed themselves re-enacting scenes from their

favourite horror movies in the back garden. Once they were old enough to

drive, they moved eagerly on to the action genre and wreaked havoc in

their neighbourhood.

Things got ’more official’ when Vaughan spent two summers learning about

TV production with the Scottish Youth Theatre. From there he went to

Bristol to study film, TV and theatre and, after various jobs as a TV

researcher, he met up with a producer who worked with Mike Leigh. Using

leftover film stock from Leigh’s film, Naked, they made a short film

which got a cinema release and brought Vaughan to the attention of

Levi’s, who sponsored his next short, Still Buzzing.

Helen Langridge snapped him up and he has already made ads for HHCL &

Partners (Birds Eye) and St Luke’s (Radio 1), both of which feature

teenage boys. ’I do a lot of workshops and improvisation with the actors

so that the dialogue is fresh and believable,’ Vaughan says.

Vaughan says he has been ’stunned at the freedom’ he’s experienced in

commercials so far. He adds: ’They’re challenging but there’s also lots

of flexibility.’