CAMPAIGN DIARY: Campbell gets shot as the perfect posh git in London Transport ads

It’s nice to see adfolk helping one another out.

It’s nice to see adfolk helping one another out.

Caspar Delaney of D-Films was recently in search of a ’posh git who

owned his own pinstripe shirt’ to star in a poster campaign for London

Transport, shot by Andrew Douglas for BST-BDDP.

Thinking laterally, he landed on his former Spots colleague, Robert

Campbell, and duly gave him a ring.

’He said it was ’just a little thing’ for London Transport and could I

help out - it would take only 20 minutes,’ Campbell recounts.

A few weeks later, a couple of friends rang Campbell, having noticed him

in the poster. Then some others did. Then some more. It seems that

Delaney’s ’little thing for London Transport’ amounted to an

unprecedentedly hefty, award-winning campaign embracing just about every

platform on almost every station in the capital.

’I certainly didn’t think it would get quite the coverage it did, but

they gave me a couple of hundred quid, which helped me buy the

stationery for our new company,’ Campbell says, brushing off rumours

that there were celebrations in certain agencies that someone had

finally ’shot’ him.