CAMPAIGN DIARY: Claire could be in for a lorra surprises in her new Mellors Reay job

’Hi thur. What’s yer name and where d’ya cum from?’

’Hi thur. What’s yer name and where d’ya cum from?’

’My name’s Claire, Cilla, and I’m from Mellors Reay and Partners.’

’Yer wo’, luv?’

’It’s an advertising agency, Cilla.’


(Cue audience: Ooooo!)

’That’s dead posh like, isn’t i’? And what sort of advertisingy-type

work do you do then, our Clur?’

’Mellors Reay does all sorts, Cilla - we handle ...’

’Do you do those ads with all those hunky fellas in? You know, that

fella who takes his kecs off in the dry cleaners?’

’Erm. Yeah, that’s right Cilla.’

’Ooooo! Well, I hope you have a supa time tonight, our Clur, and thanks

for cummin’ on the show.’

To be accurate, our Clur, alias Claire Formon, the new marketing manager

at Mellors Reay, has never been on Blind Date. But she has worked as a

researcher on it for the past two years.

Clur was responsible for scripting contestants’ answers, as well as

scouring the country for entrants.

But why, we wondered, would she give that up? Surely Blind Date is a

little more lively than dredging up prospective clients for Mellors


’It’s been fantastic fun, but there’s not much career development in TV.

I’ve always fancied business and wheeling and dealing. I also want to

make a bit of money now,’ she says.

Wheeling and dealing? Money? Mellors Reay? We didn’t like to tell her.