CAMPAIGN DIARY: Court Burkitt’s Railair execution produces a strong case of deja vu

More cases of identical advertising have reached us.

More cases of identical advertising have reached us.

When a press campaign from Court Burkitt landed on the newsdesk last week

promoting the Heathrow-Feltham Railair, a joint venture between several of

the travel companies near Heathrow, we immediately thought it looked

familiar. Now we’ve worked out why. Young & Rubicam executed the same

creative idea for United Airlines only a few months ago.

Meanwhile, Emap Metro is apparently unhappy with its arch-rival, Dennis

Publishing, which has recently published a US edition of Maxim, containing

a supplement entitled: ’50 sexiest women in the world.’

While you obviously can’t copyright the idea of a feature on sexy women,

it’s no wonder that Emap feels slightly disgruntled when Maxim borrows

heavily from the style and packaging of an issue of Emap’s FHM, containing

a feature on the world’s 100 sexiest women.

We cannot wait for Loaded to enter the argument. It’ll probably launch a

foil-wrapped issue containing a free video: FHM’s 100 sexiest women and

Maxim’s 50 sexiest women - mud-wrestling.