The CampaignLive Fantasy Agency League is back for a second year - another chance to take up the reins of your own dream team advertising agency staffed by the finest talent in the UK ad industry. You score points each week based on the performance of your employees’ agencies in the real world. You have between now and 29 April, when scoring commences, to check the rules and pick your team. Good luck.

The CampaignLive Fantasy Agency League is back for a second year -

another chance to take up the reins of your own dream team advertising

agency staffed by the finest talent in the UK ad industry. You score

points each week based on the performance of your employees’ agencies in

the real world. You have between now and 29 April, when scoring

commences, to check the rules and pick your team. Good luck.


The rules are on Channel Three of CampaignLive. That’s where you go to

select your agency and to check your team’s position. Each agency

consists of 14 key employees who must be ’recruited’ without busting the

salary budget of pounds 2.7 million. We’ve given you more money this

year (we know the price of talent is going up) and we have introduced a

new-media director into the full-service agency structure.

Players are only allowed one employee from each real agency. We’ve also

made it easier this year, giving you 12 chances to hire and fire staff -

that’s double the chance to change your team. Do you think a certain

agency is up for a major win? Then it might be time to swap your



All scoring is automatically done on your behalf by CampaignLive. New

weekly scores and tables will be available each Monday morning.

Staff members accrue points differently, according to their role - which

is not necessarily the same as they have in real life. In order to

include as many top names as possible, we’ve been creative with job

titles. Likewise, the salaries do not necessarily reflect a person’s

real worth. The important thing is the likelihood of their scoring

points within the confines of the game.

The scoring goes like this: two points per pounds 1 million of new

business won by an employee’s real agency; lose two points per pounds 1

million lost. Teams score two points every time their agency gets a Pick

of the Week or Media Choice in Campaign; lose two points every time

their agency gets Turkey of the Week.

Staff will score points for Campaign Press, Poster, Media and Direct

awards plus BTAA, D&AD, Cannes, IPA Effectiveness, APG Planning, DMA,

Aerials, IPA Media Effectiveness, Revolution, BMEA and Yell awards.

Creative directors score double for Picks or creative awards but nothing

for planning, direct or media awards. Planning directors score double

for IPA Effectiveness and APG Awards but nothing for creative, direct or

media awards.

New-media directors score points only for dotcom wins and losses as will

all existing directors at existing win and loss rates, ie chairmen,

managing directors and new-business directors score double for

Revolution, BMEA and Yell awards.

Direct marketing directors score for Campaign Direct Awards and DMA


Media planning directors score double for media awards and Media


Broadcast and non-broadcast directors score for media awards and Media

Choice but only if the winning execution is in their medium.

New-business directors score an additional two points for every

pitchlist for accounts worth more than pounds 1 million that their

agency gets on. But they score nothing for Picks, Turkeys or awards.

If an employee moves to another agency in the real world, his score

continues to depend on the performance of the agency he is listed under

until such time as Campaign updates the staff pool. At this time,

players may find they have two employees from the same real agency in

their teams. This will necessitate a change of personnel - so it is wise

for players to hold back some of their 12 ’fire and hire’


A list of the ’events’ that dictate the scoring will be posted each week

on CampaignLive. This list will be accessible for one week only and will

then be superseded by the following week’s list.

For wins and losses, Campaign will seek budget clarification from

clients where possible. In the absence of this, we will refer to the

most recent annual spend figures available from MMS.

The choice of events and attribution of billings are non-negotiable.


This can only be done online. Go to, click on the red

dot, wait for the home page to download then click on the number


Register as soon as you can. Try and sign up for the start of the league

but don’t worry if you miss a few weeks. The game runs for 12 months and

a year is a very long time in advertising.


The season ends on 31 March 2001 and the prize for the overall winner is

a holiday for two to anywhere in Europe where DoubleClick, our sponsor

for the second year running, has an office. There’s also a monthly prize

- a case of Laurent Perrier Champagne - which you can win even if you

haven’t been playing from the start.



Peter Mead                AMV BBDO                        pounds 500,000

Toby Hoare                Bates UK                        pounds 200,000

James Best                BMP DDB                         pounds 300,000

Rick Bendel               Publicis                        pounds 200,000

Maurice Saatchi           M&C Saatchi                     pounds 500,000

Robin Wight               WCRS                            pounds 500,000

Hugh Burkitt              CBC                             pounds 100,000

Ted Roose                 Roose & Partners                pounds 100,000

Ben Langdon               McCanns                         pounds 225,000

Paul Simons               O&M                             pounds 300,000

John Banks                BHO/FCB                         pounds 200,000

Paul Weinberger           Lowes                           pounds 300,000

Chris Powell              BMP DDB                         pounds 300,000

Chief executive

Moray MacLennan           M&C Saatchi                     pounds 250,000

Andrew Robertson          AMV BBDO                        pounds 300,000

Paul Bainsfair            TBWA                            pounds 300,000

Nigel Bogle               BBH                             pounds 400,000

James Best                BMP DDB                         pounds 300,000

Andy Law                  St Luke’s                       pounds 200,000

Brett Gosper              Euro RSCG                       pounds 250,000

Bruce Haines              Leagas Delaney                  pounds 250,000

Steve Blamer              Grey                            pounds 200,000

Nick Brien                Leo Burnett                     pounds 200,000

Tim Lindsay               Lowes                           pounds 250,000

Tamara Ingram             Saatchis                        pounds 200,000

Richard Hytner            Publicis                        pounds 200,000

Jim Kelly                 Rainey Kelly/Y&R                pounds 300,000

Stephen Carter            JWT                             pounds 200,000

Michael Finn              Duckworth Finn                  pounds 125,000

Rupert Howell             HHCL                            pounds 300,000

Mark Lund                 Delaney Lund                    pounds 100,000

John Denholm              Leith                           pounds 125,000

Stephen Woodford          WCRS                            pounds 150,000

Managing director

Cilla Snowball            AMV BBDO                        pounds 200,000

John Stubbings            Bates UK                        pounds 125,000

Nick Hurrell              M&C Saatchi                     pounds 250,000

Chris Macleod             CDP                             pounds 100,000

Gwyn Jones                BBH                              pounds 85,000

David Abraham             St Luke’s                       pounds 150,000

Barry Cook                D’Arcy                          pounds 200,000

Chris Pinnington          Euro RSCG                       pounds 150,000

Robin Aziz                HHCL                            pounds 125,000

Stephen Whyte             Leo Burnett                     pounds 100,000

Paul Hammersley           Lowes                           pounds 175,000

Nick Hough                Leagas Delaney                  pounds 100,000

Nigel Long                Partners BDDH                   pounds 150,000

Robert Senior             Fallon McElligott               pounds 100,000

Amanda Walsh              Walsh Trott                     pounds 125,000

Samantha Smith            FCA!                            pounds 125,000

Tom Knox                  Delaney Lund                    pounds 100,000

Charles Vallance          WCRS                            pounds 100,000

Executive creative director

Peter Souter              AMV BBDO                        pounds 350,000

Trevor Beattie            TBWA                            pounds 300,000

Andrew Cracknell          Bates UK                        pounds 175,000

Bruce Crouch              BBH                             pounds 300,000

Nick Hastings             D’Arcy                          pounds 125,000

Campbell and Roalfe       Rainey Kelly/Y&R                pounds 350,000

Steve Henry               HHCL                            pounds 350,000

Mark Wnek                 Euro RSCG                       pounds 250,000

Waters and Grubb          Duckworth Finn                  pounds 175,000

Gerry Farrell             Leith                           pounds 125,000

Billy Mawhinney           Faulds                          pounds 125,000

Hoggins and O’Shea        BHO/FCB                         pounds 150,000

Gerard Stamp              Leo Burnett                     pounds 175,000

Larry Barker              BMP DDB                         pounds 300,000

Gerry Moira               Publicis                        pounds 125,000

Greg Delaney              Delaney Lund                    pounds 125,000

Flintham and MacLeod      Fallon McElligott               pounds 175,000

Steve Dunn                O&M                             pounds 200,000

Jaspar Shelbourne         JWT                             pounds 200,000

Leon Jaume                WCRS                            pounds 200,000

Mike Court                McCanns                         pounds 200,000

Tim Mellors               Grey                            pounds 200,000

Charles Inge              Lowes                           pounds 200,000

Simon Dicketts            M&C Saatchi                     pounds 200,000

Tim Ashton                Circus                          pounds 125,000

Robert Saville            Mother                          pounds 175,000

Tim Delaney               Leagas Delaney                  pounds 300,000

David Droga               Saatchis                        pounds 200,000

Planning director

MT Rainey                 Rainey Kelly/Y&R                pounds 175,000

Leslie Butterfield        Partners BDDH                   pounds 150,000

Gary Duckworth            Duckworth Finn                  pounds 150,000

Nick Kendall              BBH                             pounds 175,000

Mia Kennedy               AMV BBDO                        pounds 125,000

Glen Flaherty             Euro RSCG                       pounds 150,000

Steve Hastings            BHO/FCB                         pounds 150,000

Simon Clemmow             TBWA                            pounds 175,000

Paul Feldwick             BMP DDB                         pounds 175,000

Debbie Klein              WCRS                            pounds 125,000

Laurence Green            Fallon McElligott               pounds 100,000

Merry Baskin              JWT                             pounds 175,000

Tim Broadbent             Bates UK                        pounds 150,000

John Poorta               D’Arcy                          pounds 100,000

Mark Stockdale            Leo Burnett                     pounds 120,000

Janet Grimes              O&M                             pounds 125,000

Lucy Purdy                Publicis                        pounds 125,000

John Lowery               Lowes                           pounds 125,000

New-business director

Maria Critcher            Rainey Kelly/Y&R                pounds 100,000

Karen Boardman            TBWA                            pounds 100,000

Nigel Marsh               D’Arcy                          pounds 100,000

Mark Robinson             JWT                             pounds 125,000

Charlie Parkin            Lowes                           pounds 100,000

Amy Lawson                WCRS                            pounds 100,000

Lucy Bryn Davies          Publicis                         pounds 75,000

David Kean                BMP DDB                         pounds 150,000

Claire Durwood            Leo Burnett                      pounds 75,000

Judy Mitchem              M&C Saatchi                     pounds 100,000

Marcus Brown              Saatchis                        pounds 100,000

Jonathan Hall             O&M                             pounds 100,000

Nicola Mendelson          BBH                             pounds 100,000

Juliet Soskice            St Luke’s                       pounds 100,000

Minnie Moll               HHCL                            pounds 100,000

Diana Dobson              Bates UK                        pounds 100,000

MEDIA: chief executive

John Ayling               John Ayling & Associates        pounds 150,000

Jim Marshall              MediaVest                       pounds 250,000

Graham Duff               Zenith                          pounds 300,000

Mark Craze                Carat                           pounds 300,000

Christine Walker          Walker Media                    pounds 300,000

Paul Taylor               OMD                             pounds 275,000

David Pattison            New PHD                         pounds 300,000

Jeffrey Merrihue          Initiative                      pounds 150,000

Mandy Pooler              MindShare                       pounds 225,000

David Wheldon             CIA                             pounds 150,000

Steve Allan               MediaCom TMB                    pounds 200,000

Mark Cranmer              Starcom Motive                  pounds 200,000

Steve Booth               BLM                             pounds 100,000

Bob Offen                 Mediapolis                      pounds 150,000

MEDIA: managing director

Simon Marquis             Zenith                          pounds 175,000

Simon Rees                MindShare                       pounds 200,000

Marc Mendoza              Mediapolis                      pounds 125,000

Colin Mills               Carat                           pounds 150,000

Roy Jeans                 Initiative                      pounds 150,000

Chris Shaw                Universal                       pounds 150,000

Graham Bednash            M&B                             pounds 175,000

Nick Manning              MGM                             pounds 300,000

Trista Grant              BBJ                             pounds 200,000

Nick Horswell             New PHD                         pounds 300,000

Phil Georgiadis           Walker Media                    pounds 200,000

Chris Locke               MediaVest                       pounds 175,000

Simon Mathews             Optimedia                       pounds 150,000

Derek Morris              Unity                           pounds 175,000

Nick Lawson               MediaCom TMB                    pounds 125,000

Mike Tunnicliffe          Western                         pounds 100,000

Nick Lockett              BLM                             pounds 100,000

MEDIA: planning director

John Harlow               Rocket                           pounds 75,000

Andrew Sherman            Walker Media                    pounds 100,000

Tim Elton                 BBJ                             pounds 100,000

Gerry Boyle               Zenith                          pounds 125,000

George Michaelides        M&B                             pounds 200,000

Phil Danter               Mediapolis                      pounds 100,000

Colin Gottlieb            MGM                             pounds 300,000

Neil Hurman               Leagas Delaney                   pounds 75,000

Mark Palmer               OMD                             pounds 200,000

Jonathan Durden           New PHD                         pounds 300,000

Andy Tilley               Unity                           pounds 175,000

Nigel Conway              MediaVest                       pounds 100,000

Charlie Makin             BLM                             pounds 100,000

Sue Unerman               MediaCom TMB                    pounds 100,000

Tony Manwaring            Initiative                      pounds 150,000

Richard Beaven            Starcom Motive                  pounds 125,000

Fiona Smedley             Universal                       pounds 150,000

Pru Parkinson             Western                         pounds 100,000

MEDIA: broadcast director

Colm Feeney               Western                          pounds 75,000

Tom George                Zenith                          pounds 125,000

Nigel Allmond             TAP                             pounds 150,000

Chris Boothby             BBJ                             pounds 100,000

Ian Lomas                 OMD                             pounds 150,000

Tim Nelligan              CIA                             pounds 100,000

David Cuff                Initiative                      pounds 125,000

Paul van Barthold         MediaCom TMB                    pounds 100,000

Russell Boyman            Mediapolis                      pounds 100,000

Nick Theakstone           MediaVest                       pounds 125,000

Andy Roberts              Motive                           pounds 75,000

Paul Parashar             New PHD                         pounds 100,000

Greg Turzynski            Optimedia                       pounds 100,000

Mark Jarvis               Carat                           pounds 125,000

Mick Perry                Universal                       pounds 125,000

Jon Horrocks              Walker Media                    pounds 100,000

MEDIA: non-broadcast director

Paul Thomas               MindShare                       pounds 100,000

Laura James               New PHD                         pounds 100,000

Ita Murphy                Initiative                       pounds 75,000

Tim Kirkman               Carat                           pounds 150,000

Priscilla Rogan           Mediapolis                       pounds 75,000

Tim McCloskey             OMD                             pounds 150,000

Caroline Simpson          Zenith                          pounds 150,000

Steve Goodman             MediaCom TMB                    pounds 100,000

Greg Grimmer              Optimedia                       pounds 100,000

Marc Bedwell              MediaVest                        pounds 75,000

Robert Fitch              MGM                              pounds 75,000

Andy Martin               CIA                              pounds 75,000

MEDIA: new-business director

Mark Dickinson            OMD                             pounds 100,000

Rebecca Harrison          CIA                             pounds 100,000

Kathleen Saxton           New PHD                         pounds 100,000

Nicola Townsend           MediaVest                        pounds 50,000

Camilla Honey             M&B                              pounds 75,000

Sean Beynon               MindShare                        pounds 75,000

Tim Greatrex              Zenith                          pounds 125,000

Dominic Stead             Mediapolis                      pounds 100,000

Laurence Janes            Western                         pounds 100,000

Direct marketing director

Terry Hunt                Evans Hunt Scott                pounds 150,000

Rory Sutherland           OgilvyOne                       pounds 100,000

Simon Hall                Barraclough Hall                pounds 150,000

Lesley Mair               WWAV                            pounds 150,000

John Voelkel              Craik Jones                     pounds 150,000

Jon Claydon               Claydon Heeley Jones Mason             pounds


Jonathan Stead            Rapier                          pounds 100,000

Steve Harrison            HPT Brand Response              pounds 125,000

Jon Ingall                AIS                             pounds 100,000

Tom Wass                  Tequila Payne Stracey           p