Car ads may sell cars, but I reckon they also create dangerous tribes of drivers.

Car ads may sell cars, but I reckon they also create dangerous

tribes of drivers.

Consider Volvo. It spent 20 years telling people its cars were safe,

then a few years ago started saying you could perform tricks in


The net result? The most unsafe driver on British roads is a Volvo


The last car through the red light after the taxi and the bus? A


The car sitting in the motorway fast lane refusing to move over? A


And what about Audi’s efforts to convince people that its cars are

really just as good as Mercedes and BMWs? They give Audi drivers major

inferiority complexes.

And what is the net result?

You can bet that the fastest person on any motorway is always an Audi

driver (often spotted overtaking Volvos on the inside).

And beware new campaigns creating new motoring monsters. ’Get into the

Ka’ the ads say, and people will. The spooky kaleidoscope will convert

the gullible into zealots.

Who will escape the Ka driver desperate to defend the purchase of a hunk

of metal that resembles a slug designed by Bauhaus?

I’m affected, too. Any vehicle committing even the most minor infraction

of basic road etiquette is given the horn - and the finger. After all,

they’re inferior beings driving inferior cars and deserve to be reminded

of it, whereas I am the ultimate driver, borne to my next destination by

the Ultimate Driving Machine.

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Hammersmith Road, London W6 7JP.


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