I consider myself to be a hard-working and intelligent photographer’s agent.

I consider myself to be a hard-working and intelligent

photographer’s agent.

I can only assume from the treatment I receive from creatives and art

buyers that my profession is well down the advertising pecking order.

This may be so, but I am carrying a superb portfolio which art buyers,

art directors, heads of art and creative directors must see.

So how is it that an art buyer can make an appointment to meet in three

months’ time, then simply not be there when I turn up? And then to

rearrange a time which is a further three months away? I am at a stage

now with one art buyer where I will have waited 11 months to meet her,

assuming she turns up this time.

’You could call to confirm,’ observers may say. However, every person I

speak to is given my number so that they can have the decency to call me

should something crop up. Nobody should be above offering good manners

and that little bit of effort to an agent.

I see a huge number of people with my photographers’ book, and therefore

have a comprehensive software programme so I know what has been said at

a given time to a given person. So don’t pretend you have never heard of

me when I turn up to show you great work.

I suppose my aim is to make creatives realise agents are hard-working

individuals too. People who deserve a little more than to be kept

waiting in an agency reception eating Jelly Babies while the person with

whom you have made an appointment is sitting in the pub getting


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