CAMPAIGN DIARY: Wight takes a special interest in monitoring Land Rover’s turnover

You’ve all been there.

You’ve all been there.

After spending a lot of time with the creative teams to organise a

shoot, finally the day for filming comes. You are just about to go home

when your chairman announces that he’s coming on the shoot, too.

OK, you think. He’ll probably just stand at the back and exchange

niceties with the marketing director. So what if he says one or two

things about the camera angles? He is the chairman, after all.

Quite right, too. Unless, of course, you happen to work at WCRS where

your chairman is Robin Wight, when you should be very scared.

Despite his agency having won the Land Rover account only three weeks

before, Robin went along to the filming of the new commercial and

somehow ended up driving one of the 4x4s along a dirt track.

He’d only managed to get about a third of the way round before rolling

the immaculate Discovery on to its side, denting its rear wing.

Thankfully, neither Robin nor his passenger, Land Rover’s commercial

director, Peter Kinnaird, were harmed, although Robin’s shirt got a

trifle dirty.

And all this after Wight had spent so much time and effort convincing

the client that Land Rover would be safe in his hands.