Campaign Digital Awards 2005: Best Consumer Electronics Campaign

COMMENDATION Title: Aiwa World Agency: Wieden & Kennedy Group account director: Sam Brookes Senior planner: Matt Boffey Client: Sony Europe Strategy and planning director: Tim Kaner Production company: Ocean Monsters Work:

Aiwa had a reputation as an old-fashioned manufacturer of bulky hi-fis and chunky video recorders, out of touch with young technophiles: not ideal for an electronics brand recently acquired by Sony. Research showed that young people have personal and playful relationships with gadgets, not cold and distant ones. The solution was Aiwa World, a surreal, colourful place where youngsters could learn about Aiwa online, and where the company could show off its products.

The results? Thirteen per cent unaided brand awareness across Europe, beating the 6 per cent target. Aiwa was established as a modern, exciting brand for less than EUR10 million.