Campaign Digital Awards 2005: Best International Campaign

WINNER Title: Axe Feather Agency: Dare Creative partner: Flo Heiss Art director: Olivier Rabenschlag Writer: Mark Ratzinger Producer: Olivier Rabenschlag Client: Unilever (Axe - Lynx in the UK) Brand manager: Michael Sheldon Work:

Dare was asked to reward Unilever's European database of lusty Axe fans for their loyalty and their love of the "mating game". Dare created content that allowed guys to tickle a gorgeous girl and see how she reacted. When the cursor moved over certain parts of the Slovakian model Silvia Valcikova's body, she would wriggle and giggle in an appropriately sexy manner. More than four million visitors clamoured for a piece of Silvia in two months alone, and the site still receives almost one million visits a month.

There are 11,000 search results on Google for "axe feather", and 17 per cent of users come back for some more click and tickle.