Campaign Digital Awards 2005: Best Internet and Broadband Service Provider Campaign

WINNER Title: Wanadoo Broadband Agency: Dare Creative director: James Cooper Art director: Olivier Rabenschlag, Emma Hogen Account director: Claire Hynes Client: Wanadoo Brand manager: Anita Barker Work:

Spontaneity and a sense of unfettered youth sit at the core of Wanadoo's brand. But how to bring these characteristics to life online? Dare was asked to drive sales of Wanadoo's broadband service, encourage visits to Wanadoo's website and build an emotional affinity for the brand through the "Wanadoo Today" proposition. Three rich-media ads were filmed, edited, then manipulated using Flash. In one execution, an ice-lolly was melted with a hairdryer. In another, a sparkler was burnt in a dustbin. Each was based on the idea that users needed to act immediately and not let life pass them by. The campaign beat broadband acquisition targets by 100 per cent.