Campaign Digital Awards 2005: Best Sportswear Fashion and Clothing Campaign

WINNER Title: Diesel Dreams Agency: EHS Brann Creative director: Trevor Chambers Interactive senior designer: Peter Aston Client: Diesel New-media creative director: Richard Holley Work:

Diesel's campaign idea was that to enjoy successful living, you need successful dreaming. The fashion brand gave EHS Brann a film made up of images of dreams created by artists, film-makers and musicians. The agency then designed a site where these images met, allowing users to explore the dream-maker's work. Movement within the site was deliberately quiet.

Buzzards lazily flap across summery skies. Old TVs flicker into life.

Visitors could also download tools to make their own dreaming more successful and imaginative. Supported by an e-mail campaign, the site received ten million page views and 20 million unique hits.

COMMENDATION Title: Nike Free Agency: AKQA Creative director: Duan Evans Writer: Kerry Finlay Designers: Masaya Nakade, Eze Blaine Group account director: Simon Jefferson Client: Nike Europe Digital producer: David Reti Work:

The task was to introduce Europe to Nike Free, a new training shoe that makes wearing them feel like running barefoot on grass. AKQA's website first explained the benefits of running barefoot: a short animation asked users to take their shoes off and try it. The "Nike Free Story", a rich video presentation, then explained why Nike had developed the shoe, while the flexibility of the shoe was demonstrated through an interactive three-dimensional shoe. It allowed users to look at it from any angle and flex it. A Nike Free iD section showcased shoes designed by athletes and invited users to create their own pair of Nike Frees.