Campaign Digital Awards 2005: Best Viral Campaign

WINNER Title: Axe Feather Agency: Dare Creative partner: Flo Heiss Art director: Olivier Rabenschlag Writer: Mark Ratzinger Producer: Olivier Rabenschlag Client: Unilever Brand manager: Michael Sheldon Work:

Dare created a game for Axe that could keep a young man happy for hours.

The idea of the game was simply to tickle an attractive woman with a feather, and see what reaction she gave you. Even watching her drum her fingers on the bed as the game loads is enough to get your average hormone-heavy youth reaching for his deodorant canister. The average interaction time with "Silvia" was close to nine minutes, which goes to show what a giggling, writhing, moaning Slovakian model can do for the attention spans of the two million lusty 16- to 20-year-old blokes who tickled her.

COMMENDATION Title: Pot Noodle Hysterical Girlfriend Agency: glue London Creative director: Seb Royce Art directors: Richard Glendenning, Simon Parkin Writers: Simon Parkin, Richard Glendenning Designers: Simon Cam, Dan Griffiths Planner: Jerome Courtial Head of account management: Jo Hagger Client: Unilever Bestfoods Brand manager: Rachel Broad

The website glue created for Unilever's "slag of all snacks" is crassly designed, barely navigable, links are dead-ends and the animations could have been done by a toddler. But each of these features is a deliberate ploy to attract 18- to 24-year-olds to its spoof porn web ring. The main event is the Hysterical Girlfriend game, in which users have to hide their Pot Noodle before their girlfriend returns home to discover their filthy habit. Also on the site is the Car Park Kernoodling game and anti-noodle sites can be reached through insistent pop-ups. The site has received more than one million visitors, each spending, on average, five minutes per visit.