Campaign Digital Awards 2006: Best Consumer Electronics Campaign

Project: HP palmistry viral
Client: Hani Dabbagh, personal systems group, EMEA marketing
communications, HP
Agency: Modem Media
Writer: Joel Uden
Art director: Neil Barrie
Designer: Gerry Levens

This "hands on" campaign was part of a new "the computer is personal again" branding push for HP and had a practical joke at its heart.

The unsuspecting recipient of the PsychSensTech(TM) message, sent to them by a friend, is invited to place a hand on their computer screen so that the computer could, ahem, read their palm.

Once they fall for it, the computer monitor and the supposed palm-reading technology throws them a reading based on information given about them beforehand by said friend. The viral carries no HP branding, and was so successful that it is being extended in France, Spain and Italy.