Campaign Digital Awards 2006: Best Media and Publications Campaign

Project: Lost untold
Client: Tracy Blacher, head of marketing new media, Channel 4
Agency: Channel 4 New Media
Writer: Mark Limb
Art director: Florian Schmitt, Hi-Res!
Designer: Tracy Blacher

This initiative was to accompany and promote the first season of Lost ahead of its debut on Channel 4, and it did a great job. The website was designed as a mystery game integrating e-mail, telephone and online clues to help users discover new things about the characters in the show.

In addition, rather than reformulating TV content for the web, a new, bespoke episode of Lost was created about the history and motivations of each character. One clip, for example, featured the Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy broadcasting a news clip about the Oceanic Airlines plane crashing.

The site has more than two million regular users, and more than 20,000 people called the Oceanic Airlines phone number for an answer to an online clue. The first episode of the first season reported the best audience ever for a US season launch, with 6.4 million viewers - a 28 per cent share of all TV viewing.