Campaign Digital Awards 2006: Best Telecommunications Campaign

Project: The 118 118 team
Client: n/s
Agency: Meme London
Writer: Anson Harris
Art director: Anson Harris
Designer: Meme London

Meme managed to amuse more than 500,000 viewers with this viral ad, designed to keep up awareness of the directory brand.

One execution poked fun at Honda's dead-serious choir ad from Wieden & Kennedy. Another showed the 118 118 pair offering directions and advice to unsuspecting members of the public in London. In keeping with the 118 campaign so far, there were some moments of real comic genius.

The viral, hosted at, was supported by a takeover of the MSN homepage that streamed a taster of the execution and encouraged viewers to click through to watch it. Meme also registered countless blog mentions of the ad, commenting on how funny and entertaining it was.