CAMPAIGN DIRECT AWARDS 2001: Best Use of Art Direction


Title: Operation Kenya

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Creative Director: David Droga

Joint Creative Team: Andrew Fisher, Dave Askwith, Dave Hobbs, Richard


Account Director: Thea Tetley

Client Company: COI Communications/The Army

Desk Officer for Officer recruitment: Major Gavin Grant

Army cutbacks in 2000 saw a switch from TV recruitment ads to this

competition which offered a prize of seven nights training with the Army

in Kenya.

The small print rules became central to the idea, with Army rules like

"entrants with a fear of lions, rhinos and snakes should immediately

reconsider." 13,484 entry forms were handed in and 2,649 downloaded from

the Army website.

80 per cent requested a brochure.


Title: Mad about skiing

Agency: Carlson Marketing Group

Creative Director: Chris Martin

Art Director: Chris Martin

Copywriters: Chris Martin, Tim Lines

Account Director: Carolyn Williams

Client Company: Thomas Cook

Client brand: Ski Direct

Senior Marketing Manager: Martin Chillcott