CAMPAIGN DIRECT AWARDS 2002: Best Use of Business-to-Business Direct Mail (Low Volume)

Title: Parceline DPD Campaign
Agency: KHWS
Creative Director: Mark Skelton
Art Director: Steve Woodman
Copywriter: Alison Gilks
Account Director: Nick Hawkes
Account Manager: Laura Cameron
Client: Parceline
General Marketing Manager: Mandy Hamilton
Parceline wanted to demonstrate the benefits of its DPD (Europe by road)
service, so set out to obtain face-to-face meetings with targeted
The package comprised a stopwatch and a bespoke brochure incorporating
timed Polaroids of their parcel being processed through the DPD system,
from pick-up to delivery. The results were so impressive that the
campaign paid for itself 80 times over.

Title: Toast
Agency: Paradigm
Creative Director: Steve Loftus
Art Director: Steve Loftus
Copywriter: Mike Ruddy
Account Manager: Sidonia Michoux
Client: Paradigm
Paradigm wanted to prove that it was able to deliver solutions to its
new business database. The mailing consisted of a booklet with a piece
of toast attached on to it. It was "toasted" with the words: "Getting
through to students depends on where you place your message". The
booklet then gave examples of a Seven Day Saver Ticket campaign on
University bars fridges and washer/dryer doors.