Title: Whiskas Kitten Care
Agency: Proximity London
Creative Directors: Chris May; Mark Dudley
Art Director: Mark Dudley
Copywriter: Chris May
Senior Account Manager: Miajella Loughrey
Client Company: Master Foods
Client Brand: Whiskas
Brand Manager: Helen Bryars
Respondents to a Whiskas press ad received the Whiskas Kitten Care Pack,
which continued the theme of a kitten being like a new baby. Just like a
baby album, the brochure contained spaces for photos as well as the
kitten's details and was written in an informative and friendly tone.

Title: Agency Insight CV
Agency: OgilvyOne
Creative Directors: Colin Nimick; Harvey Lee
Art Director: Harvey Lee
Copywriter: Colin Nimick
Group Director: Jo Coombes
Client Company: Royal Mail
Client Brand: Agency Insight
Head of Agency Development Team: Debra Moffit
Targeting managing directors and client services directors, this mailing
appeared to be a CV from a job applicant. In fact, it was about the
Agency Insight website developed by Royal Mail for agency staff, which
offered information, tools and a library of creative work.

Title: Good homes needed for good dogs
Agency: Claydon Heeley Jones Mason
Creative Directors: Dave Woods, Pete Harle
Art Director: Simon Haslehurst
Copywriter: Simon Haslehurst
Account Manager: Anne Yeoman-Nagy
Client Company: Battersea Dogs' Home
Marketing Manager: Helen Tennant
Using dog coats as the medium, resident dogs being walked near Battersea
Dogs' Home made a direct and poignant appeal to the public. The concept
was to make people aware that Battersea had reformed the dogs, making
them ready for re-homing, and challenged any preconceptions about the