CAMPAIGN DIRECT AWARDS 2002: Best Use Of Outdoor

Title: Milk bottle
Agency: Partners Andrews Aldridge
Creative Director: Steve Aldridge
Art Director: Mark Hanson
Copywriter: Kristian Foy
Senior Account Manager: Nina Jasinski
Client Company: Associated Co-op Creameries
Client Brand: Co-op Milk
Marketing Communications Manager: Amber Locke
By using milk bottles, this campaign made a direct appeal to potential
customers about the convenience of having milk delivered to your door.
It achieved over a 25 per cent increase in the number of people ordering
Co-op milk. The milk bottles also meant that there was no media cost as
such, which kept the campaign cost-effective.

Title: Missing Picture
Agency: Partners Andrews Aldridge
Creative Director: Steve Aldridge
Art Director: Paul Walton
Copywriter: Shaun Moran
Account Manager: Emma Chambers
Client Company: The Art Fund
Client: Richard Stephens
Using wall space in the Tate Modern as the medium, this campaign
demonstrated what would happen if the Art Fund - an independent art
charity - received no funding. Blank wall space, complete with drill
holes which would have kept the picture up, and Tate Modern signage
conveyed the message simply.

Title: Volunteering World - Crosstrack
Agency: Leonardo
Creative Director: Gary Sharpen
Art Director: Stuart Button
Copywriter: Wesley Hawes
Account Director: Lindsay Egmore-Frost
Account Manager: Sue Hendrikz
Client: Voluntary Service Overseas
Head of Marketing: Glyn Williams
The key to this campaign is "Where in the Volunteering World is
everyone?" Poster sheets put up in the wrong order and upside down
conveyed the message that the poster hanger was volunteering overseas.
The environment gave readers time to work out the message and
contemplate the call to action.