CAMPAIGN DIRECT AWARDS 2002: The Bruzas & Graves Award - Best Use of Direct Mail to Consumers (Low Volume)

Title: Milk bottle
Agency: Partners Andrews Aldridge
Creative Director: Steve Aldridge
Art Director: Mark Hanson
Copywriter: Kristian Foy
Account Manager: Nina Jasinski
Client Company: Associated Co-op Creameries
Client Brand: Co-op Milk
Marketing Communications Manager: Amber Locke
Working on the maxim "the medium is the message", this ambient campaign
decided to communicate with potential customers in the same way that
those customers would communicate with a milkman. Targeting was
straightforward as the milkmen knew exactly which households weren't
receiving milk. The campaign delivered more than a 25 per cent increase.

Title: Knowledge Bank
Agency: Fine
Creative Director: Paul Harker
Art Director: Paul Harker
Copywriters: Dianne Mather; Mark Foster
Account Manager: Iain Gibbons
Client Company: Bentley Motor Cars
UK Marketing Manager: Martin Corlett Moss
Researchers created a dossier on individuals who have enough in the bank
to buy a Bentley and each prospect received a bespoke mailing.
Follow-ups included invites to motor shows, meetings with dealers and
test-drives. In 2001, out of 750 mailings, 94 per cent responded and 37
per cent opted to take a test drive.