CAMPAIGN DIRECT AWARDS 2003: Best Use of Electronic Media

SILVER AWARD Title: Choices Agency: Publicis Dialog Creative director: Jon Williams Art directors: Damon Troth, Joanna Perry Copywriters: Damon Troth, Joanna Perry Account managers: Denise Rozney, Reuben Heller, Kirsty Robinson, Jason Anderson Client: Depaul Trust Director of fundraising: Dave Redfern

This ad for the homelessness charity Depaul Trust was a two-minute interactive film where viewers could change the narrative direction by pushing a button on their remote control. Viewers could then go to a mircrosite to learn more, or to donate and, like a pay-per-view film, the donation is added to the viewer's monthly bill.


Title: Monkey Business

Agency: TBWA\GGT

Creative director: Nick Moore

Art director: Thiago Demoraes, interactive designer

Copywriter: Rob Steeles

Account supervisor: Anna Evans

Client: News International

Brand: The Sun

Direct marketing executive: Rosie Harrison

By sending people a spoof e-mail and creating a news article on The Sun's website, The Sun wanted readers to believe that a team of geneticists had genetically engineered Marty, the primate. A fake company called First Genetics was set up with a website on which surfers could chat to Marty. Upon completing three questions, it was revealed that this was in fact an " Fool!" from The Sun. More than 46,000 people visited the website.


Title: Snowball

Agency: Leonardo

Creative director: Gary Sharpen

Art directors: Matt Bryson, Dave Edwards

Copywriter: Malcolm Caldwell

Account manager: Sue Hendrikz

Client: Leonardo

Chief executive: Steve Barton

Leonardo wanted to spread some end-of-year cheer and demonstrate the agency's skills. One thousand, three hundred clients, friends and journalists were e-mailed a snowball and invited to "return fire" or start a new snowball fight. Twenty-four thousand, four hundred and two people from more than 100 countries threw 45,573 snowballs, and visits to increased by 250 per cent.