Campaign Direct Awards 2004: Best Art Direction


Title: 10 Ways

Agency: Dialogue

Creative directors: Des Columb, Gerard Nolan

Art director: Keith Walsh

Copywriter: Jacqueline Cullen

Account director: Sinead Nt Ghaora

Client: Custodian Print Consultancy

Managing director: Bernard Lyons

To warn of the perils of not using a professional print management service, Custodian published booklets showing scenarios of what could go wrong if companies went for the cheaper options. There was an 18 per cent response to the first mailing, from which one respondent became a £1 million client.


Title: Zero to Obsession

Agency: 20:20 London

Creative director: Peter Riley

Art director: Mark Riley

Copywriter: Peter Riley

Managing director: Tim Garbutt

Client: Lotus Cars

Brand: Lotus Elise

Marketing manager Europe: Laura Kirk

A personalised viral movie, directed by Ken Russell, was at the centre of Lotus' campaign to bring its "change the rules" positioning to life and attract thirtysomething men. The movie showed a Lotus fanatic preparing a scrapbook. He puts the scrapbook into an envelope and writes the recipient's name on it - which arrives in the post two days later, encouraging him to pass it on to a friend.