Campaign Direct Awards 2006: Best Travel and Leisure Campaign

SILVER AWARD Project: Expenses Form Agency: Craik Jones Watson Mitchell Voelkel Creative director: Rebecca Rae Art director: Nicola Rogers Copywriters: Mandy Wiemers, Katherine de Vall, Anthony Dewson Account director: Katy Nyman Client: Virgin Trains Direct marketing manager: Vickie Passingham

Virgin Trains was suffering from falling numbers of businesses booking First Class tickets, causing reduced revenues and overcrowding in Standard Class.

In response, Virgin Trains developed Business Advance First tickets, which provide the same level of service for only a few pounds more than Standard Class.

Craik Jones targeted businesses, prioritising the higher value and more regular customers, with a mailer resembling an expenses form. Entries showed zero costs for food, drink and other expenses. It also sported Post-It notes and receipts for extra authenticity.

The campaign scored a conversion rate of 16.8 per cent and a return on investment of 29:1.