Campaign Direct Awards 2006: The Purple Award - Best Integrated Campaign

SILVER AWARD Project: Why Do Clients Buy So Much Bad Work? Agency: Harrison Troughton Wunderman Creative director: Steve Harrison Art directors: Richard Kenyon, Matt Williams, Jamie Bell Copywriters: Stephen Timms, Nigel Webb, Iain Hunter Creative services manager: Susan Wishart Client: Wunderman Chief operating officer: David Sable

The agency realised that the Cannes Festival was an opportunity to target prospective clients aggressively and so conceived a 45-minute seminar called: "Why do so many clients buy so much bad work - and what can we do to help them?"

Posters advertising the seminar were placed at Nice airport, including a Bluetooth poster that embedded messages in recipients' mobile phones.

Press ads were placed in the Lions Daily newspaper and ambient ads at the Carlton Hotel.

The seminar attracted 578 people, the largest audience of all the direct marketing seminars. The agency also received 676 requests for the CD of the event.