Campaign Direct Awards 2007: Best Use of Digital Media

Project: Dare School
Agency: Dare
Creative directors: Flo Heiss, James Cooper
Art directors: David McNulty, Adrian Rowbotham, Kooch Chung, Greg Sines
Copywriter: James Cooper
Account directors: Alistair Amin, Mizzy Harris
Client: Dare

Turning the maxim that agencies are no good at doing their own marketing on its head, Dare created the Dare School campaign as a way of reaching out to the most talented creatives on the market and generationg some positive PR for the agency.

Dare created a website where applicants were invited to telephone a character called Marjorie, who could be seen interacting with callers live on the web. They could ask her to respond to commands, such as raising her hand, although if callers were rude to her she would tell them where to go - in a charming fashion.

The site generated more than 2,000 phone calls and the campaign delivered the five young creatives Dare was looking for.

Project: London Safety Camera Partnership
Agency: Chemistry
Creative director: Claire Elworthy
Art director: Tim Clegg
Copywriter: Jesse Little
Account director: Liz Hollins
Client: Transport for London

Transport for London wanted a campaign that would encourage young male drivers to slow down - part of moves to cut the rate of road accidents in London, where 18,000 people have been killed or seriously injured over the past three years. Chemistry used an e-mail campaign leading to a website where boys could play a super-realistic driving game with a twist - drivers couldn't leave the garage because they had too many points from speeding.