Campaign Direct Awards 2007: Best Use of Direct Mail to Businesses (High Volume)

Project: Listerine Embossed Letter
Agency: RMG Connect
Creative directors: Guy Bradbury, Bob Anderson
Art director: Darren O'Beirne
Copywriter: Jonathan Meatyard
Account directors: Clare Greenhalgh, Emma Shuttleworth
Client: Pfizer/Listerine

Listerine wanted to encourage dentists to recommend Listerine Advanced Tartar Control to their patients as a way of preventing tartar build-up and keeping teeth white naturally.

Facing up to the dual challenge of reaching an audience that is bombarded with dental-related marketing material and who already know a lot about dental hygiene, RMG Connect created a mailer that was pure white and appeared to have nothing on it. However, on closer inspection, the copy of the letter was actually written in an embossed font. The response rate was a high 13.7 per cent, against a target of 8 per cent.