Campaign Direct Awards 2007: Campaign Gold Award - Best Overall Execution

Project: Smoke Is Poison Tanker
Agency: Ogilvy UK Group
Creative directors: Malcolm Poynton, Colin Nimick
Art director: Charlie Wilson
Copywriter: Emma de la Fosse
Account directors: Jenny Bust, Georgie Stewart, Donna Buckingham
Clients: Department of Health, Cancer Research UK

Smokers are used to being told that smoking is bad for them, and used to avoiding messages that tell them so.

To combat this, the Department of Health and Cancer Research UK created a wide-ranging campaign highlighting the fact that cigarette smoke is toxic - it contains 4,000 chemicals, 69 of which can cause cancer.

Ogilvy UK Group came up with an innovative idea to bring this proposition to life - a chemical tanker repainted as a giant cigarette and festooned with haz-chem signs.

The tanker was sent on a tour of England, creating a dramatic impression on drivers as they overtook the vehicle. It was also parked in several town centres, where passers-by could approach Cancer Research UK volunteers for further information.

The tanker also created a talking point, attracting the attention of local news teams and papers. With a website address painted on its side, almost 70,000 people were motivated to seek more information by visiting the site.

Also won Best Use of Outdoor.