Campaign Direct Awards 2007: Direct must embrace change but see the bigger picture

A broader canvas means bigger ideas. In theory. The current climate (as you well know) is one of change. Relentless, far-reaching, all-pervading. You can run campaigns, but you can't hide.

How one fares during this industry-wide upheaval depends on one's mindset. I've talked to a lot of direct industry folk. Many feel like polar bears on a shrinking ice floe.

Others are embracing this reordering. Galvanised. Seeing the bigger picture. Pushing the envelope, as it were.

Creative minds adapt well to change - usually harnessing it to their own advantage. So we should be seeing a wave of bigger, brighter, more original thinking.

And, yes, some of this year's winners did reach a high standard. Particularly in the Direct Mail to Consumers category. Craft-wise too, we felt the love in Best Art Direction. But excellence was not ubiquitous. The Drinks section was a little dry, and any decent Fashion and Beauty entries clearly stayed at home to wash their hair.

More change. This year, all charity work was "corralled" into one category. (Correct verb, trust me.) And - surprise, surprise - Best Use of Digital had more entries than there are pixels on your PC.

This year's jury selection attempted to reflect the changing marketplace. A strong core of direct marketing specialists welcomed others from neighbouring and overlapping disciplines. This "integration" seemed effective.

Was this a year of truly big ideas? Not for me. But look at the winners. And judge for yourself.

Simon Kershaw, Creative director, Keevill Barton Kershaw
Dan Sector, Head of brand communications, Egg
John Townshend, Executive creative director, Rapier
Caitlin Ryan, Executive creative director, Proximity
Tim Forrest, Business director, OMD UK
Richard Dorey, Integrated creative director, Wieden & Kennedy
Paul Kitcatt, Creative partner, Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw
Andrew Fraser, Executive creative director, DraftFCB
David Prideaux, Executive creative director, Publicis Dialog
Dave Woods, Joint creative director, Claydon Heeley (Chairman of the
Martin Lythgoe, Creative director, Archibald Ingall Stretton
Jason Andrews, Creative director, Engine.