CAMPAIGN DIRECT: ON THE RECORD - Andrew Goulbourne’s new role at Saatchis is to offer fully integrated solutions to clients

You’re a media man by trade. How did you get into media and why?

You’re a media man by trade. How did you get into media and


I took the media route because Haymarket wouldn’t have me.

My first job was as a media planner and buyer at John Ayling and

Associates back in 1984. I moved to Saatchi and Saatchi in April this

year from MediaCom, where I had been deputy managing director.

What does your new job involve?

I’m working with the media and integration departments as well as

Saatchi and Saatchi Vision - the new media and new communications

technology division - to develop further the agency’s through-the-line

offering to our clients.

Is this a function that already existed at Saatchis?

Not exactly. It’s a new role which reflects the degree to which Saatchis

is responding to clients’ increasingly vocal demands for fully

integrated, seamless communications solutions. Saatchis

already has a fantastic track record in this area with work for clients

like the Army, the Energy Saving Trust, Hewlett-Packard and Camelot.

Hopefully I will be helping to extend this through-the-line approach to

other clients.

Why are you the right man for the job?

The combination of a media planning background and my involvement in

interactive projects over the last couple of years probably help. Media

planners have increasingly been working on a broader communications

platform, largely reflecting how media owners have developed their

products from relatively straight-forward advertising vehicles to

multi-faceted communications tools.

What did Saatchis offer which made the move irresistible?

The opportunity to help Saatchis develop its already impressive ’total

communications’ offering was too good for me to resist. This agency is

completely committed to the real integration of communications

disciplines, rather than just ’bolting on’ a string of specialist

below-the-line companies to an above-the-line agency. In terms of the

job itself, perhaps it’s a fairly logical career progression for me,

given the changing nature of the media discipline in recent years -

clients have generally become increasingly focused, and not just on pure

media efficiencies - they are also looking for a broader perspective on

the whole arena of communications effectiveness.

So how’s it going so far?

I’ve been at Saatchis for less than a month and have focused on learning

about how the agency works and what it does for its clients. It’s too

early for me to say what my priorities are, but I’m having lots of

meetings and doing a lot of thinking.

What is your long-term strategy?

Helping to move our involvement with clients further ’upstream’. Working

with more of our clients on ’big picture’ communications solutions is

also an aim. I want to see Saatchis recognised as the best

communications agency, not just the best advertising agency.

What do you like doing when you’re not being Saatchis’ communications


I spend my time on golf, cricket, Ipswich Town, gardening - and

wondering why my wife needs so many pairs of shoes.

Andrew Goulbourne

Occupation - Communications director of Saatchi and Saatchi

Age - 35 (but looks only 34)

Lives - Between Oxfordshire and Knightsbridge

Status - Married

Salary - A fully integrated package!