With the World Cup just around the corner, I’m sure any direct marketing activity will have to try really hard to entertain its prospects.

With the World Cup just around the corner, I’m sure any direct

marketing activity will have to try really hard to entertain its


I’m not sure if Tesco Clubcard’s joint mailing with B&Q is perfectly

timed - unless the strategy was to get the ’missus’ out of the house to

do some gardening (the offer is only valid between 22 May and 21 June).

I find the idea of directing people away from Tesco stores to spend

their money elsewhere to collect Clubcard points a little strange. Bit

of an own goal here.

Motorists who stop for fuel and want a snack at Elf petrol stations are

cleverly directed to Peperami via petrol-pump nozzles. They show road

signs that have been hijacked by ’animal’, the anarchic Peperami

character, doing irreverent things such as kicking old people up the

backside. De-finitely first division.

The Alliance & Leicester’s new advertising proposition - sensible

banking in a mad, mad world - is a strong one, beautifully executed in

its current TV campaign, particularly in the ’trainspotters’ ad.

Unfortunately, the direct marketing and point-of-sale work seems to be

trying too hard. It’s more slapstick than intelligent wit. The

typography and bold use of the Alliance’s colours help it stand out from

the crowd but the body copy seems to be telling me more about Dwyle

Flonking (no he’s not centre-forward for Norway - it’s face-slapping

with a beery rag) than the benefits of sensible banking at the


Finally, a World Cup winner. This simple idea from Royal Mail brings the

above-the-line thought, ’I saw this and thought of you’, alive.

The mailer gives away two blank postcards which allow you to design a

card yourself by sticking anything you want behind a cellophane sheet

and popping it straight in the post. Also, to get more postcards, all

you do is fill in a questionnaire, send it back and wait for your cards

to arrive.

What a great idea to encourage people to start writing to each other in

a fun and involving way.

I wish I had some to send to my mates when Scotland lift the World Cup

(everyone can dream you know).



Brief: Reach motorists who snack while they travel

Agency: Ammirati Puris Lintas

Media: Alvern Forecourt Media

Copywriter: Chris Wright

Art director: Jules Chalkley


Brief: Recruit customers

Agency: Barraclough Hall Woolston Gray

Copywriter: Andy Hepburn

Art director: Kim Woodrow


Brief: Bring the line, ’I saw this and thought of you’, alive

Agency: OgilvyOne

Copywriter: Brian Millar

Art director: Marcus Fernandez


Brief: Encourage Clubcard customers who have previously shopped in other

stores to spend more in B&Q’s gardening department

Agency: Evans Hunt Scott

Copywriter: Antony Hermer

Art director: Clive Blackstone