It’s February. The nights are getting lighter. And we’ve received our first pay cheque after the financial abyss of the past month.

It’s February. The nights are getting lighter. And we’ve received

our first pay cheque after the financial abyss of the past month.

Forget giving up smoking. Forget losing weight. The cashpoint is active

again and it’s time to kickstart our social life. Our first outing is a

shopping spree to find the best mailers of the week.

First to catch our eye is a teaser mailing for Tony Stone Images’

’portraits’ catalogues.

The pack contains a blank face (hand-drawn circle), stick-on features

and details of a competition. The facial features, which are there to

amuse until your catalogues arrive, had us arguing over who was going to

play with them first.

Finally, the competition encourages us to look through the forthcoming

catalogues, pick a picture from each and describe why they’re the

perfect match. And stone us, if you win, you’ll have your photo taken by

Lord Litchfield.

We liked this. A simple but effective boredom cure that will stop us

shelving the catalogues on their arrival.

Next in line are two press ads and a buscard for Westminster Health

Care, a nursing homes provider. The work sets out to generate awareness

of WHC and prompt action - either over the telephone or by attending an

open day.

Each piece has been executed in an animated and lively way for a subject

that can appear quite dull on the surface. And the art direction is

portrayed from a child’s point of view, using their interpretation of

language and visuals to detract from the old-fogey mindset.

All-in-all, this is a campaign which, although limited on budget, still

breaks down barriers successfully.

Moving on, we come across a mailer from Ford. It’s a non-stereotypical

over-50s mailer, designed to gather information on, well,

non-stereotypical over-50s.

As the full-colour shots reveal, we’re not talking to your average

oldies. These mature beings are mad for it. All they have to do is

complete a survey, send it off and they could win a trip on the Orient


A good attempt is made to inject colour into what is otherwise an area

of grey matter. However, it took us some time to decipher the purpose of

letters in each picture box. We’re sure they could run to Monday,

Tuesday, Wednesday etc, without spoiling the clean lines. A stark

presentation that might be a bit too clever for its target audience.

Finally, we hit upon a flowery little number from ... who? Hang on,

let’s open it and find out. Ah! It’s a triple pack from Vauxhall

promoting three new features on the Vectra model. It revolves around the

idea of a perfect world, which is prompted by headlines and visual


It’s a classy mailer that promises a lot from a cool, kitsch exterior.

Once the pack is opened, we find the new features are clearly explained,

but the art direction seems disjointed. Suddenly, the dreams of a

perfect world are gone for good.

Still, not a bad day’s shopping.

Tony Stone Images

Brief: Raise anticipation of, and involvement with, two new ’portraits’


Agency: IMP

Copywriter: Steve Pickard

Art director: David Harris

Westminster Health Care

Brief: Support new nursing home openings

Agency: Claydon Heeley International

Copywriter: David Newby

Art director: David Morgan


Brief: Gather information from competitive car drivers who are over


Agency: Wunderman Cato Johnson

Copywriter: Liz Van Put

Art director: Guy Bradbury


Brief: Persuade prospects to consider the new-specification Vectra and

provide updated personal details if necessary

Agency: GGT Direct Copywriter: Richard Madden

Art director: Andy Wilson