Campaign Experience Awards 2020: Debut Event

These experiential campaigns exceeded expectations and were able to prove their worth in their first year.

Campaign Experience Awards 2020: Debut Event

Major League Baseball ‘London Yards’
‘London Yards’ was a three-day festival, starting on 28 June, featuring all things baseball at the Truman Brewery. Major League Baseball wanted to reach beyond fans attending its game at London Stadium in Stratford as the tickets had sold out instantly.

Teams such as the Red Sox and Yankees have such strong historic and cultural ties to their cities that they represent them on a global stage. So the London Series was an opportunity to present not just the best of baseball, but also the best of Boston and New York culture to a millennial audience in London.

Street food vendors collaborated to create brand new menu items that were a unique London take on classic ballpark fare. Internet radio station NTS and streetwear brand Champion soundtracked London Yards, with DJs playing across the weekend. Visitors could take part in VR and analogue baseball activations. An impressive 13,115 visitors attended over the three days with 90% saying they would recommend the event to a friend.

Costa Coffee ‘Experience Day’
The Circle Agency
Costa launched "Free Coffee Day" to show the British public that coffee from one of their Express machines was as good as one served in their stores. 

Prior to the event, it released the "Free Coffee Day Manifesto" to challenge people's perceptions of machine-made coffee and inviting the nation to give them a go.

Seven street teams in major cities activated to drive footfall to participating-stores and an experiential site in central Manchester. Every touchpoint encouraged consumers to join the Costa Coffee Club loyalty programme and offered free points for redemption with the activity having an immediate and quantifiable impact on the business.

Plans are already underway to make this an annual marketing event.

Major League Baseball ‘S60 London series’
XYZ was briefed to launch MLB Softball60, a fast-paced, simplified version of softball that turns neighbourhoods into stadiums with app-powered games.

Consumers were taken on a journey from being unaware of MLB to engaging not just with the brand, but with sport in a way that reflects a 21st century approach.

A "united" proposition was delivered – where the heritage and passion of the MLB met the innovation and culture of London, to create a unique hybrid version of "America's game".


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