Campaign Experience Awards 2020: Digital Experience

These three projects incorporated tech, social sharing and digital innovations as part of their live event strategy.

Campaign Experience Awards 2020: Digital Experience

Adidas 'Unlock the Drop: Adidas ComplexCon' 
Jam3 worked with Adidas Originals to revamp their exclusive merchandise launches at ComplexCon, a convention festival by Complex magazine. The purchasing experience was democratised for all attendees, as anyone with the app had an equal chance of getting shoes though the automated-system.

There were five drop spots with AR markers located throughout the convention floor. When the in-app countdown hit zero and a new shoe was released, people could head to a drop spot, scan it, see the AR shoe spring to life, and use in-app purchasing while 500 digital lockers meant shoes could be picked up easily throughout the day.

The average drop sold out in 90 seconds and consumers left happy rather than frustrated through endless queuing. Adidas sold more than 1,000 limited-edition shoes at the event with the technology making purchasing fast and efficient.

John F Kennedy Presidential Library Foundation 'JFK Moonshot'
Digitas Boston and UNIT9
Fans were immersed in a digital reimagining of one of history's greatest adventures, Apollo 11. JFK Moonshot was a fully-synchronized augmented reality recreation of Apollo 11 where every moment, manoeuvre and milestone unfolded in real-time, 50 years after the historic event.

Using mobile phones and tablets, people viewed an AR replica of the Saturn V taking off from the John F Kennedy Presidential Library. For those around the world, JFK Moonshot allowed kids of all ages to launch their own virtual rockets and share on social media.

The technology was successfully used to connect and inspire and more than 110,000 rocket launches took place around the world.

Google 'Curiosity Rooms' 
Amplify, 72andSunny, Halpern, Essence & OMD
Curiosity Rooms was an opportunity for Google to showcase the capacity of its Pixel 3 phone. A range of fashion, food and tech-themed experiences were designed to reconnect people to the magic of everyday life, reimagine retail, and showcase the Google Pixel 3's features. Each piece of digital and social content had purpose creating a truly digital experience for a tech brand, brought to life in a physical space.


Android Avenue by Brandfuel for Google Android

Defender VR Experience by Imagination for Land Rover Defender VR Experience

Guinness Greenwood Series by Verve for Diageo/Guinness

Samsung Secret Menus by AMV BBDO for Samsung UK

#BeUnlimited by Haygarth for Vodafone


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