Campaign Experience Awards 2020: Experiences for Good

This outstanding work has been delivered for a good cause. These agencies showed creative flair to provide a positive impact.

Campaign Experience Awards 2020: Experiences for Good

Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence ‘Most Dangerous Street’
UNIT9 and FCB Chicago
Every week, nearly 40 people are shot on the street in Chicago. To inspire conversation and action, Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence unveiled the ‘Most Dangerous Street’, an installation that showcased a week-by-week visualisation of Chicago's gun violence.

A walk-through visualisation of Chicago's gun violence was presented on one street. Laser beams surrounded visitors, each representing a victim of gun violence. When guests cross through beams, projections display details of the victim, bringing the data to life. Emotional audio of victims' families telling their stories played, to motivate people to take action.

The project encouraged people to help the cause by visiting a mobile site dedicated for the SAFE Act, an important piece of legislation needed to get funding for economic development in neighbourhoods gun violence most affects.

The project made gun violence impossible to ignore.

Highways England ‘BikerTek’
Haygarth with adam&eveDDB
Motorcyclists were shocked into reducing their speed and the chance of fatal injuries by a pop-up motorcycle parts shop… with a difference. The parts shop that toured bike gatherings contained precision-engineered parts fabricated to help fix bodies injured in biking accidents.

The BikerTek staff were all real bikers with real accident stories and many had artificial parts implanted in their bodies. The campaign started a meaningful conversation, made motorcyclists consider their actions and commit to riding with a safer mindset.

Hulu ‘The Shape of History’
Courageous Studios and UM
To promote the Season Three premiere of Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale, 140 female statues appeared at various locations across New York City – to match the existing statues of men. The statues were mirrors, meaning women could see someone like themselves celebrated.


Donate Your Words by VCCP Retail for Cadbury

Fight For Nature by Undercurrent for WWF

ZSL London & Whipsnade Zoo Superhero Academy by Bearded Kitten for ZSL LONDON & WHIPSNADE ZOO


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