Campaign Experience Awards 2020: Outdoor Experience

Open-air environments were key to the backdrops of these events, creating stand-out outdoor experiences

Campaign Experience Awards 2020: Outdoor Experience

Major League Baseball ‘London Yards’
‘London Yards’ was a three-day festival that gave Major League Baseball the opportunity to present not just the best of baseball, but also the best of Boston and New York culture to a millennial audience in London. The event appealed to new-gen fans that represent the future fans of the league, who were not attending the games at the stadium.

The festival used two interconnected venues within the Truman Brewery and featured the world's first indoor Home Run Derby, four VR batting cages and analogue baseball activations, inspired by the historic nature of the sport.

With tickets to the stadium in high demand, London Yards provided the best place to watch the games with live screenings. Fans could also enjoy ballpark-inspired food and drink, live music and DJs.

The festival ensured that visitors had a deep and meaningful experience in person, while creating content that could be broadcast to a much wider audience online. An impressive 13,115 visitors attended with a 12.3million reach generated through social media.

Google ‘Android Avenue’
‘Android Avenue’ was an urban space that delegates could escape to at Mobile World Congress 2019. The 13 individual experiences were takes on familiar locations and transported guests to the specific situations where an Android/Google product could benefit them, such as using the Google's Lens app to identify the brand of a dress in a shop window.

With a build team comprising 10 production managers, 150 technicians, two production directors and with just 36 hours installation time the project required very precise scheduling and pushed the team to their limits.

'Android Avenue' was a meticulous feat of design that delivered a seamless guest journey, allowing users to interact and engage with the best of what Android has to offer.

Hulu’s 'The Shape of History'
Courageous Studios and UM
To promote the season three premiere of Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale 140 female statues were placed in New York City – to equal the existing number of statues of men. The statues were styled as abstract silhouettes, made of mirrors representing all shapes and sizes of women. As women approached the installation they saw their own reflection, symbolical of their own potential.


Adidas Creator Dock by Jack Morton Worldwide for Adidas

Reyka Vodka Saga by William Grant & Sons and Exposure for Reyka Vodka

Travel to 2050 by Smart Energy GB and AMV BBDO for Smart Energy GB in partnership with The National Trust


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