Campaign Experience Awards 2020: Production Experience

Products, services and best practice helped these agencies to create standout work.

Campaign Experience Awards 2020: Production Experience

Google ‘Curiosity Rooms’
Amplify took a space that was a blank canvas; a fully decommissioned store, with no floors, no infrastructure, no services and transformed it into an experience hub. The adaptation of that space had at its heart the aim to make every day more extraordinary, including building the first slide in a Regent Street window.

Its studio oversaw design, architecture and build, while its strategy guys aligned their audience research with a curated programme of 36 live events and nine media partnerships.

The project represented a solid 13-week run for the production team and, from sprint to marathon. Teams with a blend of skills were used from technical production, show production, live and build all coming together.

The production team served as the beating heart of the live experience. From the scripts and training that ensured brand ambassadors could bring the features of the Pixel 3 to life, to delivering the programme of talks and events alongside an evolving live space, they delivered on ideas and surpassed the expectations of the brand.

Lush ‘Creative Showcase 2018’
Presentation Design Services
This showcase provided thousands of attendees with a first look at innovative new ideas, hands-on experience of making Lush products, a deep dive into the ingredients and the opportunity to hear from some inspirational guest speakers.

Most of the production was designed and built from scratch – dreamed up by the creative teams at Lush and PDS together and then brought into reality by the PDS production team. PDS delivered over 2,000 square metres of real grass with a bandstand and picnic areas, a two-storey ‘Fun House’ with an interactive journey and two 50m long suspended marble bath-bomb runs that dropped eight metres into water tanks.

Lush has a strong set of sustainability guidelines, and these were followed through the whole event production process, including the storage, re-homing and responsible recycling of all production after the event. 

Google ‘Android Avenue’
Brandfuel executed Google Android's presence at Mobile World Congress in an experiential format with a 36 hour construction time. The brand activation was a pop-up street the length of two football pitches. Attention to detail was of high importance, so Brandfuel had an onsite graphics team to help facilitate placement of all the graphic applications and enabled last-minute additions to be printed on-site.


Cars in Film - Italian Job Sound Stage by Collaborate Global for Goodwood Road Racing Company

KingfoMarket 2019 by White Label LIVE Events for King

YouTube Music : In Residence by Amplify for YouTube Music


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