Campaign Experience Awards 2021: Virtual Experience B2B

Campaign Experience Awards 2021: Virtual Experience B2B

Valtra G Series Global Virtual Launch Event and Showroom
By Tapaus
For Valtra

Valtra, a manufacturer of tractors and agricultural machinery, typically launches its products to thousands of visitors. The pandemic resulted in The Valtra G Series launch becoming a virtual event, targeted to current and potential customers, retailers and media.

With a substantial amount of time, money and creativity invested in the virtual event, Valtra decided to make the most of it. The event was broadcast from a virtual showroom that was created not only for this particular event but which would also serve as a new and permanent customer interface platform. This enabled attendees to continue their experience after the event, exploring Valtra's brand and offering in more detail.

The virtual showroom offered a panoramic 3D experience and full 3D models of Valtra's selected products. Attendees were able to ‘kick the tyres’, test colour variations, book a meeting and play farming simulator games.

The entire customer journey from teaser invitations to showroom activations was integrated to Salesforce, offering constant lead generation and customer behaviour data. The concept for a virtual backup plan for a live event became a completely new and rich way to experience the world of Valtra.


The Fabric of Reality
By Verizon Media

Verizon Media's RYOT team, its immersive storytelling production house, partnered with Kaleidoscope, Museum of Other Realities and the Fashion Innovation Agency to launch the 'Fabric of Reality'. This was a first of its kind, virtual reality fashion show to drive awareness of Verizon Media's production studio. The event hosted 150 VIP attendees live in VR and was live-streamed online, taking audiences on a virtual journey to explore the story behind three designers’ (Damara Ingles, Charlie Cohen and Sabinna Rachimova) collections.


Human Nature FW21
For Levi's

Levi's ‘Human Nature’ was the brand’s first-ever virtual sales launch, showcasing its new FW21 collection to staff, wholesale and franchise partners across Europe. It was designed specifically to overcome the significant obstacles facing a more conventional physical launch event, which was not possible with ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. The digital experience spanned email invitations, content tailored to specific audiences, such as employees or licensees and an explorable 360 space with an AR layer of interactive brand content offering a deep dive into the full collection and brand announcements.


Lock-In Live
By ACA Live
For Monkey Shoulder, William Grant & Sons

Virgin TV 360 - Press launch
By Audience
For Virgin Media

Fly Campari Group
For Campari Group

Samsung, Life Unstoppable
For Samsung

Immersion 2021
Verizon Media